After 14 loooong months of crazy bride planning, the wedding week is here!!  I have just a few things left to cross off of my dwindling list (thank the Lord) and after that, all I have to do is sit back and let my meticulously planned schedule do its thing while I marry the love of my life-- it sounds so nice and easy and SO SO WORTH IT when I think of it like that!  

My parents flew in on Saturday afternoon and we met up with them at their hotel to plan our attack for the evening.  We ventured out in the crazy windy rain to BJs to stock up on the items for the out-of-town gift bags, then went for a much-needed relaxing dinner and a few drinks before heading home for the night.  We were all up bright and early yesterday morning, only to be greeted by SNOW.  Seriously-- the weather was insane and I was so glad that we opted for a November 8th wedding instead of November 1st!  My mom and I ventured out to wrap up a few last minute details and hit the grocery store, then came back to our apartment to watch football with the boys.  

I dragged out all of my wedding stuff to show my mom everything since she really hasn't seen all that much of the final product for my DIY projects and such, and we got it organized and sorted into big containers for the rehearsal dinner/cocktail hour/reception so we can drop them off on Wednesday.  While I wrapped that up while enjoying a lovely glass of wine, my mom made Italian Wedding Soup.  It was the perfect way to kick off our wedding week-- at home with my favorite people!

Now all I have left to do is pick-up our bands from the jeweler, pick-up our marriage license, and pack for the honeymoon!  Also, after literally months of debate, we finally chose our first dance song.  I never thought it would be an issue, but Brian and I are very different when it comes to music-- I listen to the lyrics and he listens to the tune.  So all of the sentimental songs that I liked he didn't, and vice versa.  We finally agreed but good grief, it about did me in getting there.

What did you choose for your first dance song?  Was it a song you'd always known you would pick, or did you compromise?

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  1. Stop, I totally teared up at the Italian Wedding Soup...... GAH emotionssss!!!!!!

    Have such a WONDERFUL wedding, beautiful bride to be!