New Year, New Everything!

Well, I think it's safe to say that this might be the one blog break that I've taken where I could come back and have legitimate reasons for staying away for so long-- a lot has gone down these last couple of months, my friends!:

1. DIDN'T CARE!!  Let me be frank-- I wasn't feeling blogging at all.  Like, could not have touched the thing with a ten foot pole if I wanted to.  I had SO MUCH TO SAY but the act of sitting down and writing it down was just not sounding enjoyable to me, and why force myself to blog if I don't feel it?  I think we've all been to those blog posts (and I myself am guilty of this) where the blogger gives us a rundown of how they clean their makeup brushes, or how to make their favorite grilled cheese sandwich, and we all think "Oooh, girlfriend is running LOW on blog material!"  So, I spared y'all and stayed quiet... for two months.

2. I GOT MARRIED!!!  Yes, after all of the ups and downs and tears and cheers throughout the planning process, I married my handsome husband (cue the smile-- it's like just thinking the word "husband" makes me all giddy) on November 8th and life has been just peachy!  Full disclosure, we are about a million times happier now that the planning process is over and we get to just be married and happy and us.  The stress that came along with planning that one day was almost enough to put me in the ground, but it was so, so worth it.  And no, I won't leave you hanging forever-- our pictures are due back to us by Friday, so once I have them in my impatient little hands, I'll most certainly share the wedding details and pictures from the big day AND the honeymoon, but until then, here are a few that have been sent along from friends and family to hold me over: 

Mr. and Mrs. King!!

Me and my Daddy

our first dance

against our wishes but for the moms, we cut our cake in front of everyone.  most awkward thing ever, BUT it made for good pictures.  please also note our aggressive coordinator in the background ready to move us on to the next thing.

me, my uncle frank, and my little brother

we're married!  waiting outside of our church for the receiving line.

love.  love, love love.

3. We bought a house!  Oh yes, on top of finishing planning the wedding, getting married and going on our honeymoon, we had an offer accepted in late September on our dream first home.  The process dragged on FOREVER, mainly because the sellers were also closing on another house and waiting for THAT seller to close on THEIR next home (are you following?) so at one point they told us that all was good and we would potentially be closing on the house on Friday, October 31st... eight days before the wedding.  I couldn't decide if that was good or not so great timing (good because my parents would be here to help us pack/unpack/settle-in and not so great because, ya know-- the wedding).  They finally confirmed everything and we closed on Friday, November 21st.  So we got married on the 8th, were on our honeymoon the 10th-16th, had that week to pack our apartment up, closed on Friday the 21st, moved in that weekend/early the following week, and Thanksgiving was that Thursday.  It was a whirlwind, y'all.  But we did it!  And slowly but surely, we're making our sweet little house our home.  

I'm not completely positive where I'm heading yet with this little blog of mine, but I know that I would like to get better at documenting the daily happenings of our life, and the blog is certainly a good place to start.  Here's to hoping that a sassy makeover and a heck of a lot to write about will keep me accountable!

Cheers, friends!


  1. No wonder you fancied a blogging break, I should imagine the last few months have been the happiest and most hectic of your life. Enjoy the moment, your readers will still be here.

    Best wishes for 2015!

  2. Wow! You've been super busy, girl! Congratulations to you on such exciting life moments! I'm glad y'all are now able to just enjoy married life together without the stresses of a wedding and house buying.

  3. CONGRATS!! You were a beautiful bride.