Five on Friday

Happy Happy Friday, y'all!  This week has felt so tremendously looooong for some reason and I personally could not be happier that the weekend is finally here!  Let's get started!

1. Office Space
Now that we're all settled into our house, I'm antsy to start decorating and filling our rooms to make it feel more like a home.  One of the rooms at the top of my list?  Our home office!  Of course I've been Pinning ideas forever for an office nook-- a gray-ish paint, white furniture, a fun rug, pops of color, great storage.  Luckily we have a good amount of space to work with and are starting with a clean enough space that we won't have to do much prep work before it starts to get pieced together.  I've been swooning over these lovelies lately:

2. The Bachelor 
Now, I might possibly be the only girl out there who had, until this season, never watched a single episode of The Bachelor.  But while Brian and I were home visiting my family earlier this month, it somehow ended up on the TV and it was like watching a train wreck-- none of us could turn away!  So now not only are we hooked, but my parents and brother can't stop watching either!  We aren't THAT into seeing who makes it to the next round each week, so our plan is to record it on Mondays and watch it on Tuesdays, so we can fast forward right on through the commercials and get to the good stuff.  I can't lie, Chris has that good corn-fed Midwestern boy appeal going for him, but these girls are CRAY and a hot mess and just too good to miss.

3. Bookworm
One of my goals for 2015 is to disconnect from social media in the evenings and focus on something more important-- watching a show or movie with Brian, reading, working on little projects that I have going on. just taking quiet time for myself.  Far too often than I'd like to admit, I find myself on Instagram throughout the night, checking Facebook constantly, reading email as soon as I hear the alert tone that I have a new message.  I love reading and since I don't commute on the train to work anymore, I find myself with a wish list of books to read but not making it a priority to actually, you know... READ.  So, as a combined effort to refocus on myself and get back into reading, I made a long list of books that I'd like to read this year.  My goal is two books a month, which is beyond feasible.  This month my two picks are "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova and "What Alice Forgot" by Lianne Moriarty.  I'll let you know how it goes!

4. Date Night 
After way too many weeks of date nights at home due to plans with friends and family, traveling, etc. we FINALLY have a date night lined up for Saturday night, and I can't wait!  There's a cute little tapas place down the street from our house which got rave reviews, so we have big plans to wine (sangria?) and dine ourselves silly.  I love love love tapas, and any place that encourages drinking wine is good in my book.

5. Wedding Pictures
I am going out of my mind waiting for our wedding pictures!  Today is supposedly the day we get them back, so let me just say that once I see that pretty little email pop into my inbox, my day will be made!

Cheers, friends!  Have a fantastic weekend!!