long weekend recap!

We did so very little this long weekend and it was absolutely GLORIOUS.  Now that all of the busy holidays are over, we're settling into our own little weekend routine and it's perfection. 

I've always been an up-and-at-'em type of person-- weekends, holidays, vacation days, you name it, I'm up and ready for the day with the sun.  I've somehow convinced Brian to wake up with the good ol' sun and me on Saturdays (if you knew him, you'd know this is BIG STUFF, y'all) and get to the gym by 7am.  We workout for an hour, stop by Trader Joe's, grab coffees on the way home, then I get to relax/shower while he makes us breakfast.  I may be the Supper Commander, but I've married a Man of Breakfast, and for that I will be forever grateful.  The patience to slooowly scramble eggs and flip pancakes when they're just perfect is something I do not possess, but I could stir stir stir a risotto all the livelong day, so I graciously step out of our kitchen on weekend mornings so he can do his thing.  Call me corny, but I've always dreamed of mornings like that-- going with my husband to run all of our little weekend errands, then coming home to breakfast and coffee and a morning of relaxing.  I certainly consider myself a lucky gal!  

my fav: spinach, 1 scoop protein powder, almond milk, frozen strawberries, pineapple and banana!

Since we had absolutely nothing to do for the afternoon, we watched a few episodes of Dexter-- we're just about to start Season 3 and are completely hooked!  Who knew you'd ever root for a serial killer to not get caught?  That Michael C. Hall is gooood stuff!  Afterwards, Brian ran back out to the grocery store for me, I cleaned (again, because is there anything better than sitting on the couch at the end of the day with wine, a good smelling candle burning, and a clean house surrounding you?  I think not!), and we rallied later to cook date night dinner at home.  I promise, our weekends are not always this boring but sometimes you need to just shower, put your pajamas back on, and relax for the day!

Sunday morning I was WIDE AWAKE by 7:30am, so I played around on Pinterest for a bit, jumped in the shower, and headed out to get a much-needed mani/pedi.  I usually enjoy going on a Saturday afternoon because I love going home afterwards to get prettied up for date night (and take the perfectly posed pics of my fresh mani holding my wine glass-- do not give me that look, you know you do it too), but it was so nice to be at the nail salon when they first opened!  And I mean... I was the first person through the door.  After choosing my colors (navy for the toes, a deep purple for the mani), I got settled into my chair with my coffee, started reading "What Alice Forgot" and read the next half hour away.  It was blissful!  I came back home to breakfast AGAIN and a few more episodes of Dexter before the football games got started.  

Not really caring about the Seahawks/Packers game, I fiddled around the house, made a list of DIY projects for us to take on through the winter/early spring so we're READY for spring, and arranged my pretty flowers from Trader Joe's.  I spend between $10-12 each week on fresh flowers for various vases around our living room/kitchen and I will justify that cost until the day I die.  There's just something about these pretties, especially when it's cold, damp and blah outside! 
these pretties are going on two weeks!!

The mood struck me to pick up one of my books, so I snuggled into the couch and finished "Still Alice."  It was beautifully, painfully, intelligently, fantastically written and I would encourage everyone and anyone to pick it up immediately.  Now that I've read the book, I can't wait to see the movie.  I love Julianne Moore and from what I've gathered, she portrayed the character of Alice perfectly, so I can only imagine seeing this book come to life.

I had to work yesterday but Brian had the day off for the holiday, so we reconvened after work and hit the gym, then headed home for a quick dinner and... The Bachelor.  He is a man obsessed.  I suggested maybe watching something else and fast-forwarding through The Bachelor later-- nope.  He wanted to watch it live.  This is the first time I've ever seen him so into a show that is SO unlike what he typically watches, and I'm loving it while also hating it because... why can't it be Girls?  Or Downton?  It has to be The Bachelor that he gets onboard with watching?  Oh well.

Tonight we have a drinks/dinner date and are then off to see American Sniper.  I know what to expect but also have no idea what I'm in for, but I already have tissues packed in my purse, so there's that.

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

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