five on friday: furniture, house pretties, wanderlust and white jeans!

Happy Friday, friends!  Let's get right to this, shall we? 

one. married people furniture
We are finally, finally going to buy our bedroom furniture this weekend!  It feels like such a grown up (and expensive) thing to do, but I think having this done will really start to make our bedroom feel like my happy little retreat, pronto.  We debated between darker furniture and white/cream and I think we're now leaning more towards The Dark Side.  I may very well change my mind once we're at the furniture store tomorrow, but as of now, these are a few ideas that I'm pulling inspiration from:

two. the upholstered headboard
Speaking of "married people furniture," we finally pulled the trigger on our new upholstered headboard and I am beside myself trying to wait for it to be delivered!  We ultimately chose this pretty from none other than Target, mainly because I was nervous about ordering from somewhere else and having issues returning it should it not be ideal for the space.  As far as I can tell, it's going to be perfect.

three. spring has (not) sprung 
Just when the snow has started to melt and I have high hopes for sunny spring days, we have snow in the forecast tonight.  I'm choosing to ignore this and instead focus on the big ideas that we have lined up for our yard (once we can finally get to the grass!):
adirondacks for the backyard...

adding a portico to the front of our house for a little character...

building up as many flowerbeds as i can fit in the yard...

... and a red front door is a must!

four. wanderlust
I'm planning a big ol' post next week about all of the places we're hoping to travel in the next few years, but as for now, I'm daydreaming of any/all of these locales.  Toes in the sand while sipping on a beverage?  Yes, please!
bora bora

the maldives


st. john

five. the white season
Lastly, is it time for the return of white pants yet?  Because these darling outfits are calling my name.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

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