Weekend Recap

Brian and I have had the HBO documentary "Citizenfour" saved on our DVR for over a month now and finally decided to watch it last night, thinking we wouldn't be too into it and it would just be background noise during dinner.  Well, fast forward to two hours later and we were both completely sucked in-- if you're not familiar with the film, a documentary filmmaker and a reporter traveled to Hong Kong in 2013 to meet with and interview Edward Snowden, and everything surrounding these couple of weeks when he first starts sharing his information, and when the "leaks" starts being released to the media, is documented.  It was really interesting, so much so that we didn't get to bed until midnight... and I am dragging today to show for it.

Aside from needing an I.V. drip of coffee this morning, I would say that we had a pretty successful weekend.  I love starting the weekend off with a clean house but I hate spending my Saturday morning doing the actual cleaning, so since Friday night is always our low key night anyways, I've made it my own little routine to come home after work and get the house in order.  There are few things better to me than waking up early on Saturday morning to a clean, fresh smelling house (Weird?  Maybe.  Worth it!).  So I did my cleaning, we ate a random supper and watched Dateline (I promise we aren't always this lame) and headed to bed relatively early.  

Saturday I was up before the sun to get to my favorite 6:45am BodyPump class, and followed that up with another half hour on the Arc Trainer-- it's been a while since I got a really good workout in, and it felt amazing!  From there I made my rounds at Trader Joe's and Target, and added this to my list of things to buy for the older of our two sweet nieces-- the tassels on that coverup are too much!  

After breakfast and coffee, I somehow convinced Brian that we needed to swing by Ikea while we were out furniture shopping, and to him, that is basically a death wish.  I have to admit, the thought of Ikea is always so exciting, but once you're inside, with a million other people and the smell of Swedish meatballs lingering in the air, something lights a fire under me to get in and out PRONTO.  At one point, as we rounded a corner, we overheard a woman talking to another shopper and saying "Oh, we've been here for 3 1/2 hours already!" with a smile on her face.  And they were only halfway through the store!  Needless to say, we came home with a bookcase and a desk lamp for the office that we made a beeline for-- hoping to get that put together tonight!  Husband of the Year Award goes to this guy, who asked me as soon as we stepped through the sliding doors, "What are we here for and when can we leave?"  Hey, I need someone's muscles to lift that horrendously heavy box onto the steery wagon... thing.   

We left Ikea and made the rounds to the local furniture stores, on the hunt for a new dresser and chest of drawers and unfortunately had zero luck.  Everything that we found was either too light in color, too bulky, too cheap looking, or we loved the style but not the color, or the color and not the style.  It was exhausting, and we were both over it after a few hours.  I randomly checked one of my favorite local furniture websites on the drive home and it was like the sun shone down on my iPhone as I spotted a style exactly like a set that we had just loved, but that only came in Cottage White, Night Sky Black, or Country Oak (gag).  I excitedly clicked on the picture to see color options and low and behold, it came in a white, an oak-y color, and the perfect espresso-ish color that we had been looking for.  Their name for it?  MERLOT.  It's like it was meant to be!  I immediately called the store and they said that they had both pieces that we were looking for on display, but not in the Merlot color, but they had a nightstand in Merlot, so we could get an idea of the color plus the size of the set we needed.  I told them we would be in first thing Sunday morning to check things out, and felt like my furniture good deed for the day was done.

We were starving at this point, so after hurrying home to let Molly out and feed her supper, we headed out to dinner ourselves... to Longhorn Steakhouse.  Brian had been craving ribs, and I could order supper and still keep it 21DF-friendly, so that's where we went.  We realized it was the ultimate of chain restaurants and I couldn't help but laugh-- when my hometown got a Chili's right when I started high school, it was THE place to be, whereas Brian's little beach town where he grew up doesn't even have a drive-thru, just lots of original restaurants, which are fantastic and charming, so he didn't really "do" chain restaurants growing up.  Meanwhile, I still love a good Chili's stop every once in awhile!  All I could think of was the Will & Grace episode where W&G's best friends avoid plans with them in the city so they can dine at their favorite restaurant in the suburbs-- The Olive Garden, and W&G are just blown away at the tackiness of a coupon-crazy Italian spot in the SUBURBS of all places.  Gah, I loved that show.  Anywho, we wrapped up the evening with "Whiplash"-- basically, it was fantastic.  And I love Miles-- such a cutie! 

Sunday morning, we all slept in, which I never do, but it was much needed.  We had a lazy start with "Sunday Morning" on CBS (my guilty pleasure) and a late breakfast and lots of coffee, then Brian ran to the grocery store for me while I took Molly on a long walk.  Wouldn't it figure that even though I'm the one that braved the cold for her and scooped up her poop, as soon as we were back home, she set-up her spot at the door waiting for Brian?

We dilly-dallied around the house for a bit then got ready to head over to the furniture store.  It was the best shopping trip ever-- we basically walked in the doors, found the set, and ordered it.  In and out in 20 minutes!  These are our pretties-- I'm obsessed with the color!  

The rest of my afternoon consisted of getting a much needed mani/pedi, while Brian touched up a few icky spots on the navy walls in the office.  Molly stayed in the sun for as long as she could eek out a few more minutes of the warmth-- I don't blame her.

All in all, I'd call it a successful weekend!  Back to the routine today, but at least the temperatures are supposed to hit 60 on Thursday-- finally!!  


  1. What a cute coverup at Target!! I also love the furniture you selected!

  2. Looking at Molly basking in the sun! How adorable - my pup loves doing that too! Oh gosh, that little girl coverup is the cutest! Looks like you guys got a lot of house to do's done this weekend!