Checking in...

Well, without saying too much, things have been all over the place in my life these last couple of weeks.  I not only haven't really felt like blogging, but I'm not really able to share much about what's going on, and since that's been the only thing on my mind... I've been quiet.  

No worries-- I'm fine, Brian's fine, we're fine as a couple, Molly's fine, our families are fine, and there's no baby announcement or anything coming along.  I'll share more when I can, and when I feel up to it, but for now, know that I'm trucking along and will be back with A LOT to say very, very soon.


  1. Just seeing this, Katie! I'm not blogging either for a similar reason... it's so hard to write when the only thing you want to talk about - you can't! Praying for you and whatever season you're in. <3

    1. Thank you, sweet girl-- that means so much. Prayers to you as well <3