Mattress Madness.

It has been one humdinger of a Monday and the day isn't even over yet.  

On Friday afternoon, we received the notification that our new king mattress/split boxspring would be delivered today, so I worked from home this morning to supervise that everything went down okay.  Needless to say, it did not entirely go down okay.  

We woke up to another 5ish inches of snow, so Brian and I started the day shoveling out the driveway in our pajamas-- #snowoverit.  I was nervous because I knew that the delivery truck would have to get into and out of our driveway, which has already become narrow enough for our little car with the snow banks and the icy spots are bad enough to take someone down FAST.  As visions of lawsuits danced through my head, Brian assured me we'd cleared enough and that everything would be fine, and we headed inside.  While he got ready for work, I made breakfast and coffee and got settled on the couch to start my work day.  Our delivery window was 8am-12pm (obnoxious), so after working for a bit, I hurried upstairs to shower and get ready for the day before the delivery guys showed up (don't want to scare them off...).  Around 10:45am, I got the call that they would be there in the next half hour.  I put Molly on her leash and we waited.  Right around 11:00, I notice an enormous Enterprise rental truck backing into our driveway.  I prop open the front door so they can come and go as needed, and waited for someone to come and say hi, have me sign something, ask where the room was where everything was going, make sure they had the right house... something?  Nope.  Not a word.  The first time I see a face is when they come walking up with a boxspring in their arms.  The guys were very nice but did not speak too terribly much English, which, ya know... fine.  But I had an overexcited Molly leaping/barking/choking on her leash to get to the delivery guys, and I had to kind of half walk up the stairs while swinging my leg behind me to keep Molly out of the way to show them which room because "Top of the stairs, to the right" resulted in a blank stare.  

After we had the destination settled, I see the other half of the boxspring and the bedframe go up.  I started to get a little excited because we've been waiting for this mattress for what felt like an eternity, and I couldn't wait to see the next step of our bedroom come together.  Maybe 5 minutes later one of the guys comes downstairs to inform me that two pieces of the bedframe are missing.  Well, crap.  He gives me details on what to do to resolve the issue and both guys go out to bring in the mattress.  Now, we ordered a king mattress because the prior owners of our house had a king bed.  We assumed that if they king bed fit upstairs, any king bed would.  I think we all know what they say about those who "assume."   

As they bring the mattress in the front door, I start to feel a little anxious.  The two guys even stood there staring at the staircase for a minute like "That's not going to happen."  But they start pushing and pulling and shoving and swearing and I can literally see them dripping in sweat.  I asked if there was anything that I could do and they had no response-- I honest to God could not watch them because I felt guilty that they were having to try and fit this up the stairs.  At one point I heard the guy who was on the stairs and pulling FALL.  Molly and I just stared at Gilmore Girls on the TV as I tried to pray that some miracle would occur and this would work.  I brought out water for both of them and they gulped it down, and went right back to work.  With JUST the right shove and bend (it was seriously like an accordion at this point), the damn thing FINALLY went up the stairs.  They got the mattress situated on the boxsprings (on the floor, remember) and came down for me to sign off on the delivery papers and write a note about the bedframe missing pieces.  I don't think they could have run out of my front door any faster than they did.

Molly and I of course went upstairs to check everything out, and were pleasantly surprised at how nicely the bed fit in the bedroom.  Molly even jumped up and did a spin/romp test before I could stop her-- approval granted from the canine, as I cheered "They did it!" (y'all talk to your pets too, so don't even with the crazy side-eye).  As I call Molly off of the bed and head towards the door, I hear... tires spinning.  We walk downstairs and what to my wondering eyes do I see?  Oh, just the enormous Enterprise truck... stuck in our driveway.

Pardon the mess there, but I was frantically moving stuff around once I saw how big the mattress was going to be.  Kindly notice out the door... the stuck truck.  The wheels spun and spun and spun, snow flew everywhere, traffic was backed up because we live on a fairly busy street.  You might be able to see the navy shirt of one of the drivers-- yep, he was under the truck, trying to dig out.  I gave them our rock salt, our shovels, offered to help.  It took them TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES to get out of our driveway.  By the time they'd finally left, I desperately needed a glass of wine but off to work I went.  It was quite the ordeal.  

Brian worked his magic and called the company about the bed frame issue and they're sending the full bed frame via UPS, to arrive this week, and are also crediting us $50 to be used on their website, which is nice.  So, we've got half of our new master bed, the boxspring and the mattress, we're just missing the bed frame and need to choose a headboard.  After that, I think we'll be in good shape! 

Aside from that, we had a very low-key weekend, which can be summed up in one word: PAINT.  I'll be back tomorrow with updates on our master bedroom and office!

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