Confessional Thursday

I'm linking up with Jess today for Confessional Thursday!

I confess...

That I make Brian holiday surprises (Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, Halloween treats) just to reap the benefits and CANDY. Brian's Easter basket stash has been tucked away for a few weeks now... and I might have already dipped into one or four of the mini Reese's egg stash. #sorrynotsorry

That I'm trying to stick to eating carbs for breakfast OR lunch, and avoiding them at dinner. Dinner is easy but so far this week I've failed every day at the OR part earlier in the day.

That we're starting back up with training for Molly and as much as I'm looking forward to the end result, I'm dreading the process.

That I am a sucker for sale emails. It's not unusual for me to have items in my JCrew/JCrew Factory, Old Navy, Gap, Anthro and Nordstrom baskets at all times but rarely pull the trigger on actually buying something.

That even though we like our house now and that it's perfect for us, I could spend hours upon hours browsing my Pinterest boards and dreaming of building a custom home.

That I've been contemplating starting a round of Whole30 for the past... four months? I did it a few months before our wedding in 2014 and as hard as it was, it really made me stop and think about what I'm putting into my body and I felt amazing. But... wine. And pizza. And coffee with my salted caramel creamer and cheese. I didn't read the book the first time and think it will break the process down a little more for me if I read it with this round... we shall see. Until then, I'll have my glass of wine tonight thanksverymuch.

Happy Thursday, y'all! And remember...

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