Our Little Firecracker

Brian and I are so beyond excited to share that we're expecting a baby!!

Baby King is due January 14, 2017, which puts me at 12 weeks, 3 days pregnant. I've had an easy first trimester, and feel so very lucky for that. All looks healthy and good with the baby, which we couldn't be happier to hear.

We've shared the news with our family and friends over the last few weeks, and made it "social media official" on Sunday, so I couldn't wait to share it on the blog as well! I've been keeping weekly updates since we found out in April, so I'll be posting those in the next day or so, mainly because they're what I've loved reading from fellow bloggers when they were pregnant. The first few weeks of pregnancy, before ANYONE aside from Brian knew, were kind of scary and lonely, so it was nice for me to have those reference points from other ladies to check-in to see if how I was feeling was normal and give me reassurance to keep on doing what I'm doing!

It's crazy to think that we found out two months ago-- time is already flying by!

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