Weeks 6-12 Bumpdates

I've pretty much always known that I would be "that girl" who shared "bumpdate" posts. They're legitimately one of my favorite pieces of blog info that pregnant ladies share, and I think I'll really appreciate looking back someday and having a record of how I was feeling throughout these 9 months! It will also be nice for my family/friends who I don't see everyday to follow along for all of the updates along the way.

The first couple of weeks after I found out I was pregnant were a little up in the air, but once we had the "all looks good" and a strong heartbeat from the radiologist, I started keeping these updates. I don't have much of a bump yet but am starting "bump pics" this Saturday to go along with my posts, which I'm also excited to see progress over the next several months!

My weeks turn over on Saturdays, so I'm planning on posting these each Wednesday to give myself a day or so to get everything written down. Looking back, I was awfully wordy, so feel free to read through everything or skip over it entirely - no offense taken!

Sunday, May 22

How Far Along? 5 weeks and 1 day! Things were a little bumpy at the start of this (as you can read in my "How We Found Out" if you're interested). My bloodwork showed 5 weeks and 1 day, and my ultrasound should 5 weeks and 6 days. I go back to the doctor for another ultrasound/blood work-up on Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th, so fingers, toes and everything else are crossed for 1) great results and a growing baby, and 2) a due date answer!

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Nary a bump to be seen, but pretty excited to be taking these pictures!

Sex: I'm still having trouble believing there's a baby, better yet a boy or a girl!

Weight Gain: Zero so far, but I'm anxious to get a baseline at my first official appointment.

Maternity Clothes: Anything snug is pretty uncomfortable, so I'm mainly sticking with loose tops. The weather is supposed to warm up this week, so dresses and cardigans are about to make an appearance. Dressing for work is tricky - can't be too casual, but none of my work clothes are feeling great right now.

Fruit/Toy of the Week: Baby King is currently the size of a peppercorn (and a BB pellet - I'm keeping Brian entertained with the "Fun and Games" comparison on my Ovia app), or the size of an appleseed (according to The Bump). 

Nursery: Still a big empty bright blue room. I'm a little hesitant to start on anything until we're through the first trimester - after that, it's go time!
Movement: Way too early.

Symptoms: I've had a couple of headaches here and there, and nausea first thing in the morning has been pretty bad-- I feel great through my shower, but once I start getting ready it's intense. Brian's been excited to have his first dad-to-be duty and make me a piece of toast to eat while I get ready, which definitely helps. I also start to feel sick if I wait too long to eat, so I'm sticking to spacing out meals with snacks throughout the day. Also, pants that were fitting great are fitting the tiniest bit snug. Oh, and all of the emotions are real over here. Any video or news story that I see about an animal or someone doing something amazing, I dissolve into tears.

Brian: He's been awesome. He was definitely surprised when I told him that I was pregnant last Tuesday, but he's been super supportive and helpful the past week - helping me get dinner ready, straighten up around the house, checking on laundry... it means a lot because by the time I get home after work, I'm DONE. And last Wednesday, so the day after we found out, nothing sounded good for dinner except spaghetti and meatballs. So not  a standard dinner for us, so of course we had nothing in the house to make it. He offered to run to the grocery store to pick everything up, then came home and cooked. It was my first real craving and I kind of loved that he was so excited to make baby's first spaghetti dinner ha.

Sleep: I'm not a great sleeper to begin with, but I've started using this little gem with lavender essential oils every night and I'm sleeping HARD - once I'm asleep, I stay asleep.

Workouts: 3 workouts at the gym (I'm trying to focus on 30 minutes of cardio plus leg and arm days with modified light weight), and getting up to take lots of walks throughout the day at work. Now that it's warming up, family walks in the evenings are back in action - loving that, and can't believe that this time next year, we'll be pushing a stroller along with us!

Cravings/Aversions: Vegetables aren't my favorite right now. I can stomach them, but definitely not craving salads. I also hate dark meat chicken or chicken with bones in general, but even thinking about them now takes me close to the edge. Carbs are my friend - bread, pasta, rice... anything solid. Brian was gone this past weekend for a bachelor party and nothing in the world sounded better than macaroni and cheese. So I made a box of Annie's Shells and White Cheddar... and it was worth every single bite.

New Symptoms: Nothing that I've noticed.

Annoyances: I think I've been a tiny bit temperamental, but not much. Brian made the comment last night "You've been in a really good mood since you found out you're pregnant," so maybe I was a complete B before and am nicer now? Also getting irritated real fast, but it's a flash.

What I Miss: It's warming up here this week, and I can't lie - I've had the occasional craving for a glass of ice cold chardonnay. Other than that, nothing!

Best Moment This Week: Seeing the very first flutters of baby's heartbeat at my ultrasound last Thursday. 

Tuesday, May 31

How Far Along? 7 weeks and 3 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Not taking photos yet.

Sex: No idea, but we're definitely planning to find out.

Weight Gain: Zero so far, but I feel uncomfortable in anything too snug (I'm looking at you, every pair of work pants I own...). I think it might just be bloating, but still-- not pleasant.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing yet, though I've been making lists of "essential pieces" that people say they loved when they were pregnant. Still loving any excuse to wear leggings, maxi dresses or loose tops.

Fruit/Toy of the Week: Baby King is currently the size of a raspberry or playing die, according to my Ovia app, or the size of a blueberry (according to The Bump). 

Nursery: Pinning lots of ideas, but not making any moves until we're through the first trimester.
Movement: Way too early.

Symptoms: The nausea is here and it is REAL. Definitely feeling sick when I first wake up, and even for an hour or so after I eat breakfast, but if I make sure to eat a little something every few hours and keep up my water, I'm in good shape. I've still had light cramping, which the doctor said is normal. The breast soreness is kicking in (lovely). I'm ready for a nap by 2:30pm, and I've definitely had some ragey moments out of nowhere.

Brian: Still amazing. This week is tough for him because he takes his CFA exam on Saturday, but in between studying he's checking on me, making dinner, doing dishes... he's definitely stepped up to help out. And it's been fun talking about how we'd like to announce that we're expecting - 12 weeks will fall right around July 4th, which is very exciting! He was also pretty excited to see the outfit that I bought to tell my parents. His exact words were "Now that's pretty cute. I wish they made those in my size!" Love him.

Sleep: Still sleeping great.

Workouts: A few walks with Molly, but between all day nausea and being exhausted at night, they just haven't been happening.

Cravings/Aversions: Still loving carbs. And I randomly found my favorite Fritos in the world (chili cheese) at the grocery store on Sunday, and in my almost-9-years of living here, I've never seen them. They came home with me, I ate them most of Sunday afternoon, and then I couldn't stomach them the next day. Loving my Triscuit/cheddar afternoon snack, and can't get enough grapes and pineapple. 

New Symptoms: I go from nauseous to starving to way too full to nauseous again really quickly. Breast soreness is really getting more noticeable. Definitely tired ALL of the time, like want a nap so badly in the afternoon that I feel like I could cry. 

Annoyances: My clothes don't necessarily not fit, but they're getting uncomfortable. Also definitely feeling flashes of rage every now and then, about very minute things.

What I Miss: I'm going to go ahead and be honest - WINE. A nice, ice cold glass of white wine, enjoyed on the deck with Molly next to me while Brian grills. Or a nice red while watching The Bachelorette. 

Best Moment This Week: Learning that our baby's heart beat was a solid 140, which the doctors were very happy with and gave me a go-ahead to be excited and schedule our first big appointment (which is on 6/16). And of course telling my parents! We FaceTimed them on Friday night and their reactions couldn't have possibly been better. I'm always buying little things here and there that are gender neutral and useful (swaddles, blankets, books) and show my mom while telling her that I'm putting it away for later, so I bought a gender neutral outfit from Janie & Jack on Friday afternoon to use to tell my mom it was just another thing to put away for later. We chatted for a bit on FaceTime and the next few minutes went a little something like this...

Me: Mom, you know how I had that meeting at the mall this afternoon? Well I stopped into a store and I couldn't help myself - I bought this to put away for later. It was just too sweet! 
Mom: Ohhh that's really sweet! 
Me: Do you think it will be warm in January?
Mom and Dad: Yea, I think so. Why? 
Me: So you think it will be warm and cozy in January?
Mom: Why...?

Me: Because Baby King will be wearing it in January!!
Dad: Who?
Mom: *silence... like, no breathing, no crying... silence*
Me: Baby King is coming in January!
Dad: Kate, you're pregnant? Oh wow! 

Mom: *hyperventilates*

Seriously, my dad had to tell my mom to breathe and try to calm down. We filmed the whole thing but Jannie's excited hysteria went on for a solid 15 minutes, so I think that's a video we'll keep to ourselves haha. I've always just known that I would tell my parents in person, but once I found out that I was actually pregnant and knew I wouldn't be home for a few months, I knew there was NO WAY that I could wait that long. Plus with the bumpy start with my numbers not doubling, I was nervous and knew that if God forbid something did happen, I'd want my parents to know and be there to support me. They talk about it constantly, and call me twice as often as before, which I think is to be expected. They're beyond excited to be Gigi and Pops (their current chosen names, which I'm sure will change a million times before January).

Wednesday, June 8

How Far Along? 8 weeks and 4 days. Promise at some point I'll actually start updating this thing on the day my weeks turn, which is Saturday.  

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Haven't started taking photos yet.

Sex: We will definitely be finding out but I have no preference. Brian would LOVE a boy, and a part of me has been thinking boy thoughts, but we'll be beyond happy with either!

Weight Gain: Up 1 lb from the day we find out, which I credit to my carb cravings/vegetable aversions. I'm really trying to be cautious about when I choose to indulge - I know it's a long road ahead of me, and I'd like to wrap up the first trimester with as little damage in this department as possible. Honestly, at the end of the day, I think what I have been craving haven't really been cravings, I'm just giving myself more allowances to indulge here and there versus constantly being overly conscious of what I eat (which is most of the time).

Maternity Clothes: Nope. Excited that it's warming up so flowy dresses and skirts can make their appearance - anything too constricting makes me miserable by the end of the day.

Fruit/Toy of the Week: Baby King is the size of a wild strawberry, raspberry OR a 1/2 of a Lego brick.

Nursery: Pinning ideas like crazy but not making any moves until we're through the first trimester.
Movement: Way too early.

Symptoms: Nausea was AWFUL on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I wanted nothing but soup for supper on Friday, but felt sick as soon as I ate. Brian's CFA exam was Saturday morning in Boston, so I had to drive him the 40 minutes in - let's just say there was a looooot of deep breathing and cracked windows on that drive. I picked up breakfast on the way home (no shame in my bacon, egg and cheese on a biscuit game), ate on the couch, then snuggled with Molly/napped for the rest of the morning. Sore breasts, per usual.

Brian: Still amazing. Now that his exam is over, I feel like we can both breathe a sigh of relief and just relax and be excited about this baby. It was hard to talk about planning and such when he was studying so often, just because I honestly felt guilty for distracting him. But now he's been beyond attentive and just amazing overall. 

Sleep: Asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and I don't move until my alarm goes off at 5:45am. I used to wake up whenever Molly would move - nope, sister has nothing on how hard I'm sleeping now.

Workouts: A few long walks and I'm making it a point to get fresh air during the day, but I've felt so awful all day, workouts just haven't happened. I either have to go before work (at 5am) or after work (at 7pm) and the thought of waking up that early/not napping at night makes me want to cry.

Cravings/Aversions: Carbs still sound better than anything. 

New Symptoms: Nothing new, still just tired all of the time.

Annoyances: Nothing as of yet!

What I Miss: Turkey sandwiches from the deli.

Best Moment This Week: Brian taking his exam! No kidding, now that this exam is out of the way, we can both relax and have fun planning and preparing for this little one.

Looking Forward To: Our first official appointment doctor's appointment on the 16th, and date night on Saturday!

Saturday, June 11

How Far Along? 9 weeks exactly!

Musings on the Weekly Photo: No photos yet - looking the same as usual.

Sex: No idea, but can't wait to find out! I've had a few dreams about a baby boy, and feel drawn to cute little boy clothes, but I have ZERO preference!

Weight Gain: Up 2lbs from the day we found out.

Maternity Clothes: None, but still loving anything loose/flowy. I stare at my closet every morning and hate what I see, so I placed an Old Navy order today for a few more dresses/basics that I can rotate for work. Weekends are much easier. It's weird - definitely not showing yet, but I'm feeling... bloated? 

Fruit/Toy of the Week: Baby King is the size of a cherry, a Southern pecan, and a green olive. Oh, and a toy jack (for Brian).

Nursery: Pinning lots of ideas and starting to browse Etsy here and there for unique art work to hang in baby's room. Also realized that things like a glider have to be ordered way earlier than I thought if we're going the Pottery Barn/custom route, to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. This mama knows that glider needs to be in the nursery WELL in advance. Can't wait to start having fun with this sweet room!
Movement: Way too early.

Symptoms: Last Sunday I co-hosted a baby shower for a good friend and we were up and going early, so I had to try and power through feeling super sick. But as of Wednesday of this week, the morning nausea is (knock on wood) GONE. I've been waking up feeling great and with enough energy to actually pack a gym bag and make breakfast... but I usually feel like I need a nap mid-morning. So still really, really, really tired all of the time. I'm also having crazy vivid dreams.

Brian: Has been beyond wonderful. One night this week we drove past a Mexican restaurant which obviously prompted a "Oooh, Mexican - that sounds good!" from me, to which he responded with "We can do Mexican food. Do you want me to turn around? You tell me when, and we'll do Mexican." It made me smile. Love him! 

Sleep: Still going really well. I usually wake up once around 2-3 a.m. to go to the bathroom, but other than that, sleeping like a rock. I've been pounding water so I think cutting off a little earlier may help with that issue at night.

Workouts: A couple of good walks with Molly, and I pulled out my yoga may this week to start really stretching.

Cravings/Aversions: Feeling iffy about chicken. Brian grilled BBQ chicken on Tuesday night and I made a boxed broccoli cheese rice and green beans to go with it, and I could only stomach a few bites of the chicken... but the rice tasted delicious. Craving good cheddar cheese. Queso and enchiladas (obviously). Fruity smoothies. My mom's cornbread and beans (this might be the most random of them yet...). A Wendy's Spicy Chicken sandwich with a strawberry lemonade. Southern green beans (on the menu for Sunday!).

New Symptoms: Super sore boobs, quick little random pains if I bend/move too quickly, like reaching across the bed for my phone the other night.

Annoyances: People drinking around me when I'm in the mood of REALLY wanting a nice beverage. Being too warm/uncomfortable.

What I Miss: Social drinking - does that already make me a horrible mother? We had the baby shower on Sunday and while I sipped the signature (non-alcoholic) drink as co-host and hoped nobody caught on to me not drinking wine, all I could think of was an ice cold glass of chardonnay, or a good beer (confession: I definitely kept sneaking sniffs of Brian's beer...).

Best Moment This Week: Sharing the news with Brian's parents, sisters and two of my closest girlfriends! Brian's family was excited but I think not all that surprised, and it's so nice having two more girlfriends know - one is a mama to a two year old and the other is currently pregnant, so it's a comfort to have my girls to go to with the "Is this normal?!" questions.

And a story about our nephew and niece, just because I don't want to forget...
We FaceTimed Brian's oldest sister, Meghan, on Sunday morning and when the phone picked up, our 5 year old nephew Colin was holding the phone and we could tell they were in the grocery store. I whispered to Brian maybe we should wait - nope. 

B: Hey Colin, do you want a cousin?
C: Uhh... yea, I think so!
B: Good, because you're going to be a big cousin!
M: Wait, what?! I knew it! I so knew it! Congratulations!!
C: Bri... what you gonna name it? 
B: I was thinking... Mitchell! (sidenote: this is most definitely not a name contender for us...)

Colin thought that was the most hilarious thing EVER and died laughing. We hung up so they could find our brother-in-law and two nieces, and Meg called us back an hour later with the best story. She said that when they met up with everyone, Colin said to Meredith (our 3 year old niece), "Meredith! Guess what Kiki has in her belly!!" to which she responded "Food?" (I love that answer... like, so much). Colin said "No, a BABY!" and Meredith happy-screamed. We've called them every day this week and every day they answer with "Did the baby come?!" "Are you having a baby boy or a baby girl?" and "What's the baby's name?" along with their suggestions. It's just the best- they're going to be the best big cousins!

Looking Forward To: Our first big appointment this Thursday! I feel like I've been waiting forever, but it also feels like I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. Praying for good results for any testing, and really hoping that we may get an ultrasound this appointment!

Saturday, June 18

How Far Along? 10 weeks, 4 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: No photos yet - still looking pretty much the same as I was pre-pregnancy. Definitely looking/feeling more bloated in the evenings.

Sex: No idea, but definitely finding out! I've had lots of boy feelings lately, but I don't really take that to mean much. The U.S. Open was on all weekend and Brian mentioned that the tour will be near us in 4 years, and he got a little starry-eyed at the thought of possibly having a son to take with him.

Weight Gain: Nothing new - 2 pounds from the day we found out. I also had my first "official" weigh-in at our doctor's appointment on Thursday, 6/16, and my weight's the same today as it was then. Can I count that as zero weight gain? I think I will...

Maternity Clothes: Nothing yet. Sticking with dresses/maxi skirts for work, and flowy tops with the couple of pairs of pants that I have that still feel comfortable. Weekends are much easier to dress for (and so much more comfortable). 

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: Kumquat/LEGO Man/Petit Four! I'm loving the "Parisian Bakery" option - much more fun than fruit.

Nursery: I'm slowly letting myself start to think about what I would like in the nursery. I have my secret Pinterest board that I've shown to Brian a few times, but it's surreal to actually start looking at websites for things to buy... for our baby's nursery.
Movement: Obviously nothing that I'm feeling, but baby was bouncing all over the place on the ultrasound at our appointment on Thursday!

Symptoms: Nauseous if I wait too long to eat during the day. Tired all of the time. Breasts are definitely achey- Molly leaned on me one night and I legitimately yelped in pain.

Brian: I feel lucky to have him. Seriously - I have not been the most pleasant person every day (blame it on the hormones) and when I panic or freak out or cry for no reason, he lets it go and knows it'll pass quickly... and it does. It was also really nice to have him at the appointment this week. June is crazy busy for him at work, so it meant a lot that he gave up a morning to come with me and sit through all of the awkward questions, ultrasound, bloodwork, etc. Up until now (and for awhile to go), any sign of pregnancy is only felt by me, so I think it made things a little more real for him to see baby on the screen during the ultrasound.

Sleep: Still super tired, even when I  get a good night's sleep (like 9pm-5:45am). 

Workouts: A couple of Molly walks during the week, and my hip stretches. We also worked hard in the yard over the weekend, so I definitely counted that as a workout.

Cravings/Aversions: Lasagna and garlic bread. Queso. Pizza. Chips and mango salsa. Panera Macaroni and Cheese (which I've never in my life let myself indulge in but have decided I need it - trying to hold off for a better justification than that ha). Frozen mango is rocking my world in the evenings - I'm trying to keep sweet treats to a few nights a week, so swapping for frozen mango or 100 calorie chocolate bars from Trader Joe's is helping for that bite of sweet after supper. Veggies like baby carrots and grape tomatoes are tasting really good, but I can't stomach the thought of a salad. I'm attempting a few chopped salads for dinner next week to try and get more vegetables in to my diet.

New Symptoms: Definitely an increased urge to pee has kicked in. And the random quick cramp in my lower abdomen which is supposedly normal and all of that, even though everything pregnancy-related trains you to think "cramps - bad!" 

Annoyances: Being stuck in traffic in the mornings has really irked me, but I think that's due to the whole new need to pee constantly and there's nothing like being stuck in traffic and needing to pee. Messes (like things not being put where they should be, socks on the floor, etc.) are also really bugging me, moreso than usual, but I think that's just my ragey hormones flaring up. 

Also, medical professionals who don't know what they're doing. We saw a really nice NP at our appointment who I was a big fan of... up until she tried to do an ultrasound. She said it wasn't scheduled since I'd already had two really early ultrasounds, but that she would try to see what we could do. So she wheeled in a bedside machine and was moving the wand all across my stomach... nothing. Nothing as in all I could see was an empty circle on the screen. Cue my panic. It was SILENT in the room, like she made the comment "You could hear a pin drop in here!" At that point I asked if I should be concerned that I wasn't seeing anything and she said "No, I'm just not sure what I'm doing. Hang on a sec." She leaves the room and comes back with an ultrasound tech who takes over and IMMEDIATELY finds Baby King on the screen, bouncing all over the place and with a great heartbeat. I was relieved but also... ANNOYED.

What I Miss: Wine and beer, per usual. The NP also told me that a lot of the things pregnant women are warned to stay away from (like turkey sandwiches and feta cheese) are actually okay in moderation, if you can confirm that the cheese is pasteurized and if you're buying fresh turkey and not a cellophane-wrapped semi-warm sandwich in the airport. Haven't tested those waters yet but I've been wanting a good turkey sub like crazy!

Best Moment This Week: Getting a good report at our doctor's appointment on Thursday! And sharing the news with our extended family - my cousins, aunts and uncles, and Brian's cousins, aunts and uncles (although I think some of them already knew somehow). We also told Brian's grandmother, DeeDee, and that was pretty special. Brian said "Deed, you're going to have another great-grandchild!" and she said "Oh, I know! Ricky's ba-- Oh! Oh, really?! Oh, I'm so happy!" and she cried... and that about made my week. I also told a couple more of my girlfriends, who were beyond excited for us. It's just the best feeling to finally be able to share with some of our friends and family and to see how beyond excited and happy for us they are. This baby will be so very loved!

Looking Forward To: A fun next few weeks! Our next doctor's appointment isn't until July 14, so we're planning to pack our weekends with beach days, working in the yard, and date nights! 

Tuesday, June 28

How Far Along? 11 weeks, 3 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: No photos yet - still looking pretty much the same as I was pre-pregnancy.

Sex: No idea but can't wait to find out! I'm still having boy feelings and have had a couple of dreams about a baby boy, but I about fell over with happy heart-eyes after I saw the dresses for the holidays on Smocked Auctions this week... so the girl love is definitely there too.

Weight Gain: Up a total of 3.5 pounds from the day we found out. I can't lie - as much as I know that the scale is going up for the best reason possible, it's hard to watch that number raise after literally working my entire adulthood to get it to drop. I'm just trying to make healthy choices, and if I do indulge, I'm either active that day or the following morning, and don't indulge as much that day. So far, so good, and I feel so much better when I make the better choices with indulgences here and there versus... all of the time.

Maternity Clothes: None yet - sticking with flowy dresses for work as much as possible. I did buy a maternity tank top that everybody raves about from Target, and a black maternity dress from Zulily (thinking ahead for the months of leggings/tights and dresses!).

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: These updates have become the highlight of my Saturday! Baby King is the size of a brussels sprout/profiterole (definitely had to Google that one)/poker chip! When I told Brian the poker chip comparison, his response was "But that's flat - is the baby flat?" For the love...

Nursery: We've started the nursery talk here and there... and with that talk comes the budget discussion. Our prerogative is to spend more on the items that we want to use for this baby and any future babies that we may have (like a rocker, crib, special artwork), and be more flexible with the dresser/changing table/accessories. I'm anxious to pick a paint color and get this show on the road - soon!
Movement: Nada.

Symptoms: Still always tired, and I sometimes get restless legs while I'm in bed trying to fall asleep.

Brian: Has been awesome. He jumps to help me out or make extra stops if I need something or don't feel like running to the store for random ingredients for dinner (like deciding on the way home from work that I wanted to make enchiladas but realizing that we don't have a single ingredient to make them).

Sleep: Sleeping well, but I've been waking up around 4am to go to the bathroom, and it takes me a little bit of time to fall back asleep.

Workouts: Four: Two 2-mile walks, a gym session and a barre session at home, plus my stretches.

Cravings/Aversions: Loving really cold fruit - apples, clementines, frozen mango. Smoothies are amazing - if I don't have one for breakfast, I have one while I'm prepping dinner. Loving chips and salsa.

New Symptoms: Nothing new - I'm anxious to start showing a bit!

Annoyances: Little things have been getting on my nerves, so I'd say my patience is pretty low.

What I Miss: Say it with me now - WINE.

Best Moment This Week: Sharing the news with my close girlfriends, Amanda and Shivani. They were so above and beyond excited for me. 

Looking Forward To: Making our big news public!! 

Monday, July 4

How Far Along? 12 weeks, 2 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Starting pictures this week! Still not seeing a bump at all, but after a slight panic and comparing my current midsection status to other people's bumpdates, I figured that not many people (save for teeny tiny mamas - bless them) are really showing quite yet.

Sex: We're so anxious to know! I have been having lots of dreams about a baby boy, and my mom told me that she has too. Seeing all of the little ones in 4th of July outfits this weekend had me swooning for both a boy and a girl! Crazy to think that this time next year we'll have a baby with us!

Weight Gain: Down 3 pounds from last week, so half a pound up from my starting weight (the day we found out).

Maternity Clothes: None yet, though still loving my comfy yoga capris or pajama pants at home, and flowy dresses for work. I'm already so obsessed with my white Liz Lange tank top from Target that I picked up a black one over the weekend. Not obviously maternity in any way, just long and stretchy (but holds it's shape) and is thick enough to wear with a cardigan (for work) and not be see through.

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: Baby King is the size of an apricot/toy soldier/Laduree macaron!

Nursery: Still Pinning away over here. We're starting to look at paint colors and know we'd like white furniture. And we decided on our rocker! Every time I take a peek I fall a little more in love. I'm loving thinking of the time I'll spend there rocking our little one.
Movement: Too early for that, although this week's update said that if I poke my stomach, Baby King will wiggle around like crazy - love the thought of that!

Symptoms: Exhaustion has turned into just being tired, which is an improvement! Still getting nauseous if I wait too long to eat or eat too much/too quickly. And I'm REALLY emotional. I watched Remember the Titans on Friday night and couldn't catch my breath I was crying so hard... and I've seen that movie SO many times. We're also currently watching the Boston Pops Fireworks concert, and I legitimately almost started crying hearing the "1812 Overture"... these hormones are no joke, y'all.

Brian: Has been my rock. There were a few days this week where I was over the top emotional and upset out of nowhere, and unfortunately he usually gets the brunt of it. He's been awesome at giving me space when I need it, and being beyond supportive when the episodes are over and I realize how awful I was. He also loved sharing the news with his college buddies - one of them is a dad to the cutest little girl, so I know he's looking forward to have someone to go through the "dad thing" with.

Sleep: I am beyond ready for bed by 8pm. A lot of our shows come on around 9pm, and it's next to impossible for me to stay awake for them. Once my head hits the pillow, I'm down for the count. If I drink too much water too close to bedtime, I have to get up around 3am for a bathroom break, and it's been taking me a bit of time to fall back asleep.

Workouts: Four. Two 2-mile walks, an hour session at the gym, and a 3-mile walk at home.

Cravings/Aversions: Craving Mexican food like crazy - I made it twice last week for dinner, and ordered it for lunch on Friday. Still not the same as TexMex back home, but I'm trying! Can't get enough of my LaCroix mocktails - coconut LaCroix with a splash of cranberry juice and lots of lime. Chips and salsa. Fruit Loops - that was a random one this week. I had my first aversion tonight - Brian made himself a lobster and steamers for dinner (I had steak) and the sight/smell of the seafood about did me in. I had to open all of the windows and go upstairs until the house aired out. I had to have rainbow sherbet today, and still loving my frozen mango. And any cold fruit - apples, clementines, pineapple, frozen grapes. Breakfast potatoes this morning made my entire day.

New Symptoms: Restless legs at nighttime once I lay down and try to settle for the night. Heartburn every now and then. My favorite frozen mango is looking like it could be a culprit (womp womp).

Annoyances: Getting too hot. Messes around the house. Traffic.

What I Miss: Wine and beer. We went to the beach yesterday and lemme tell you - a sober beach day is not as fun as a sit-in-the-sun-and-drink beach day... 

Best Moment This Week: Officially sharing our news!! We made the baby announcement public on Facebook/Instagram yesterday morning, and the overwhelming response from our family and friends just absolutely made our weekend. We're so beyond lucky to have such amazing people in our lives - Baby King is so loved already!

Our summer is about to get crazy busy, and Brian and I had just the best weekend for ourselves. We spent all day Saturday car shopping and actually ended up buying a car! Very exciting. We had plans to have friends over for dinner, but we didn't leave the car dealership until 7pm and I was so worn out - car shopping/buying is no joke, so we ended up grilling burgers and I was asleep on the couch by 8:30 (big party girl these days...). On Sunday, we had a bunch of errands to run in the morning, then spent the afternoon at the beach. It was the perfect day - sunny and cool enough where we weren't melting. We grilled chicken for supper and made s'mores by the firepit to wrap up the night. Today we spent the day relaxing, which was much-needed after a pretty busy weekend! I'm heading to make a little bowl of my sherbet now while we watch the Boston Pops fireworks... on TV. Can't beat that convenience! 

Looking Forward To: I'm counting down the days until my next appointment (next Thursday, July 14) - I have my monthly check-in that morning, and then a screening/ultrasound that afternoon. We're pretty excited for the chance to see this little one! And, can't lie - I'm pretty excited to pick up our new car this week! Also already counting down the days to summer fun - my parents flying in for 10 days, our big family reunion in Greenwich, weddings of some of our favorite people... it's going to be a busy, oh-so-fun rest of the summer!


Can't believe we're up-to-date and everything is officially out in the world - sort of scary yet so fun! Here we go, y'all!

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