Week 13 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 13 weeks, 2 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: I just tried to take a photo and the flowy shirt I'm wearing today is doing nothing to accentuate any kind of bump. I'll try again this evening in workout clothes!

Sex: Can't wait to find out! 

Weight Gain: Up 4 pounds from my "official" weight with the doctor.

Maternity Clothes: None yet, aside from two Liz Lange Maternity tank tops I bought at Target. One's black, one's white, and they make my world go round, especially in this heat. 

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: Baby King is the size of a jalapeno/Matchbox car/LARGE Laduree macaron! Considering that I can't get enough of ALL of the spicy things, I'm going to say the jalapeno is my favorite this week.

Nursery: Still an empty room. We're hosting a big party next Saturday after Brian's yearly golf tournament with his friends, so once that's over our focus is to get moving on painting (rather, get Brian moving on painting). I have a few colors in mind and am excited to start testing samples!
Movement: None yet, but the thought of this happening soon-ish makes me pretty excited!.

Symptoms: I feel like I hit a lull with the sore boobs area, but that's back in full force... like can't sleep on my stomach anymore. Not sleeping great, and feeling restless legs as soon as I lay down. Still tired, but not that impossible exhaustion I felt at first. Indigestion is apparently not going away - all of the spice in the world is totally fine, but if I eat frozen mango or chocolate in the evening, I'm ruined. Still having all of the emotions over... everything. Teresa's homecoming on RHONJ about did me in last night. AND THE DREAMS. The crazy, vivid pregnancy dreams are legitimately a thing.

Brian: Has been great, per usual. I tend to be the do-er in the house (cooking dinner, cleaning, making the bed, doing laundry) and have lately just felt so beyond tired at the end of the day that it's the last thing I want to do, and he's definitely stepped up to the plate to help. I know that he's going to be the best dad and feel a little misty 

Sleep: I fall asleep no problem, but am waking up at least once to pee, and when I get back in bed it's taking me a loooong time to fall back asleep. The last few nights, I've woken up around 3am for the bathroom, and tossed and turned for a solid hour before resorting to Pinterest browsing at 4:30am. Brian always comments when he sees the phone glow AND I MIGHT WANT TO STRANGLE HIM BECAUSE BELIEVE ME, HUSBAND, I WOULD BE SLEEPING IF MY BODY WOULD DO IT. So yes, that's fun.

Workouts: One plus a long walk through Boston after brunch on Saturday. Tough week, but I'm focusing on getting in at least 4 days of walking this week.

Cravings/Aversions: Anything spicy - hot salsa, jalapenos on salads, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno pretzels. I've had a craving for Pioneer Woman's Chicken and Noodles, based solely on a photo - I've never actually had them in any way, shape or form in my life. Still craving a burrito from Qdoba. Wonton soup and spring rolls. Quesadillas. Avocado toast. Cream cheese with hot pepper jelly and crackers. Cold fruit - ice cold clementines make my afternoons. And an apple with sliced cheddar while I prep dinner is so, so good. Basically anything except vegetables. 

As for aversions, chicken is kind of starting to gross me out. And eggs. Can't do lettuce, and I made broccoli as a side last night and literally forced it down - it was bad.

New Symptoms: Getting up during the night to pee is new, as is the crazy restless legs. The dreams have been going on for awhile, but they're getting more real.

Annoyances: Honestly, the last two mornings, I've told Brian that the days just weren't good people days for me. Everything is on my nerves - bad drivers, too many questions, 

What I Miss: Still missing wine, but this MIGHT be getting a tiny bit more tolerable? Also miss the energy to go-go-go like I used to.

Best Moment This Week: Hitting the second trimester mark! Getting fun little packages in the mail for the little one! Our Emily Ley "The Story of You" baby book came (and I totally cried as I looked through the blank pages), as well as a newborn starter bottle set, and a few baby items from Janie and Jack and Baby Gap. We also started a couple of registries just to start perusing all of the (millions of overwhelming) options that are out there. And picking up our new car!

Looking Forward To: Our doctor appointments this Thursday! I'm nervous and anxious but also so excited to see the little one on the screen and hear the heartbeat. We were a few days too early to really hear it at our last appointment, although I did see it on the screen, which was reassuring. Also excited for this weekend - it's our last calm weekend for a loooong time, so we're planning a "just us" weekend to get a few things done around the house, and have a date day on Saturday. Buy Buy Baby, here we come!

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