five on friday!

1. I've been craving  blueberry muffins like crazy, so I'm thinking these blueberry lemon cream cheese muffins (have mercy!) are going to be breakfast one of these weekend days!

2. Our guest room has been used in quite a while, and I realized this week that I need to whip it into tip-top shape FAST, considering we're hosting people as early as next weekend. On the fun side, I have to find a replacement bedding set, a new rug, and a couple of art pieces for the walls (HomeGoods, here I come!). On the down side, the room needs a deeeep clean, which I think is staring me in the face come tomorrow.

3. We have two weddings next month and I'm on the hunt for comfortable, flattering, non-form fitting dresses to wear. I've been scouring Nordstrom, Loft, little boutique shops... and I can't make a decision to save my life. I'm not really showing yet but am figuring I will be to some extent over the next month to month and a half, so definitely something flattering yet flowy. These are a few of my favorites (no affiliate links) - what do you think? I'm loving the maxi but don't know if I'd die of heat stroke...

Love the fit and flare style of this one.

This striped pretty looks too cute and fun... but maybe too little girl-ish?

This Loft dress has the potential to be adorable... or fit me like a sack. But a cute option for the rehearsal dinner.

Loving this color!

4. I don't care if we're in the middle of summer and a semi-heatwave. I've had a MAJOR hankering for chicken and dumplings... and cornbread. I think I just figured out what my Sunday dinner is going to be this week...

5. We have a busy little weekend lined up. Tonight, we're meeting a potential dog sitter for Molly while we're away for a couple of days at one of the aforementioned weddings, then plan to plug through a few episodes of Bloodline with calzone and... iced tea. Because that's the same as wine, right? Tomorrow, we have big plans to stop by Buy Buy Baby for registry ideas and to "test drive" a few strollers, and then we're off to stock up for the big post-golf tournament party next Saturday. Sunday is set aside for lots of yard work and cleaning out our garage, as well as getting our guest room together for friends and family that we'll be hosting over the next several weeks! 

Low-key and just us, which is much needed - the calm before the summer storm, y'all.

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  1. I found your blog from April's link up. I totally understand about the hankering for chicken and dumplings, regardless of the weather! Happy weekend!