Week 14 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 14 weeks, 2 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: I promise I'll start sharing when there's a bump.

Sex: We can't wait to find out! We have the option to find out from our genetic testing results in another couple of weeks, or at our anatomy scan in August. Even if Brian and I opt to find out early and keep the surprise between the two of us, we'll wait to confirm at the anatomy scan just to make sure before sharing with everyone.

Weight Gain: Up 5 pounds from my "official" weight with the doctor.

Maternity Clothes: Just my lifesaving Liz Lange tank tops from Target. I also ordered a few things from Gap which came in the mail yesterday, and I love it all. A couple of pairs of shorts with the side panel, two of their Pure Body tees, and the best, most comfy/warm sweater to save for the fall/winter. 

Fruit/Toy/Pastry of the Week: Beet/Troll Doll/Mille-feuille (definitely had to Google what that is - also known as a Napoleon, and it looks delish!)

Nursery: Still an empty room. We have our furniture picked out, just need to start making purchases. And we're mid-search for a contractor to come in and reconfigure the closet to make a more efficient use of the space, which is exciting! I can't wait to have a place to put all of the sweet gifts we've received from excited family and friends!
Movement: None yet, but the thought of this happening soon-ish makes me pretty excited!.

Symptoms: Heartburn is out of control, and just overnight has it really kicked up. If I eat anything spicy, I'm in for it. Anything cold has been a trigger too - ice water, cold fruit, popsicles/ice cream. Restless legs are bothering me when I try to fall asleep, so I'm trying to stretch before bed to relax, but it's a catch 22 - if I'm active in the evenings, it's bad, and if I try to relax and just stretch before bed, it's bad. Still tired but it's definitely more manageable. Sooo emotional. Everything makes me cry, and not just like a silent tear... no, more like hysterical sobs that can't be controlled.

Brian: Has been awesome. I think the ultrasound on Thursday really made all of this that much more real, which was exciting. He was also game for a trip to Buy Buy Baby on Saturday and was all about testing the strollers and car seats, asking questions about safety, etc. It was pretty cute!

Sleep: Once I can fall asleep, I'm out for the night. But the restless legs make it tough to fall asleep, and I'm waking up once a night to pee. 

Workouts: Three good walks - with this heat wave, that's about all I can manage without getting angry and moody.

Cravings/Aversions: Still loving all things spicy, which is obviously not agreeing with my heartburn - Spicy Chicken sandwiches from Wendy's, jalapeno pretzels, jalapeno stuffed olives from Trader Joe's, sausage and cherry pepper pizza from Riva. Nachos, which we had after my appointment on Thursday - not delicious, unfortunately, so I think buffalo chicken nachos from The Fours are up next. Still wanting that Qdoba burrito. Fresh fruit - can't get enough cherries, clementines, strawberries and green apples. Fruit Loops. Really wanting good Chinese food. 

I'm not loving chicken unless it's seasoned really well and almost mixed up in something, like a casserole or pasta. I can't deal with any raw meat - just thinking about it makes me gag. Still on the struggle bus with vegetables. I'm working on upping them as sides and snacks, but the thought of a salad still makes my stomach turn.

New Symptoms: The heartburn is a kick in the pants.

Annoyances: Tight pants can suck it. The heat and humidity this week has made me realllly cranky, but it's cooler today (thank the Lord).

What I Miss: Still wanting that glass of wine. Also really craving a big turkey sub with avocado and bacon.

Best Moment This Week: Our appointment on Thursday, without a doubt. It was just the best to see the little one moving around on the screen. The sonographer needed baby to move just a bit one way so she could get a measurement, so she had me gulp ice water, tilted the table backwards and down, gently jump up and down and rock back and forth while standing up. When I got back on the table, baby was bouncing all over the place, waving arms around - it was the best. We're waiting for our test results but are just keeping fingers crossed that all is well and we have a healthy baby growing.

Looking Forward To: The big anatomy scan on August 18! And the next few weekends are going to be lots of fun. We're hosting a post-golf tournament party at our house on Saturday, baby prep the following weekend, then we get busy! We have a wedding the 6th, my parents fly in the 12th, another wedding the 20th, Brian's grandmother's 90th birthday the 27th, we're hosting friends at our home Labor Day weekend... and then I think we settle a bit. Whew!



    My girlfriend had MAJOR heartburn throughout her pregnancy and the Old Wives' Tale came true - her lil babe has a HEDDA HAIR! (The baby is on my Insta a few weeks back). Apparently your kid will have luscious flowing locks.

    The only way I can eat veggies is with very vinegar-y dressing or carrot sticks with ranch. I just... woof no I can't otherwise.

    Can we just have a weekly email about this? xo

    1. Yesss!! I am still so beyond excited and happy for you! My first thought was how close we are - loving it.

      The carrots with ranch made me laugh - any vegetable I've managed to eat has either been dipped or doused in ranch. Gotta do what you gotta do!

      Count me in for that email!

  2. The anatomy scan is SO amazing. It is the wildest trip ever! I recommend this book to everyone : Expecting Better by Emily Oster. If you can stomach a pregnancy book, this was the only one I actually liked!

    1. I'm counting down the days until that appointment! And I've totally been back-reading through your bumpdates haha, and have "Expecting Better" already on my nightstand because you wrote on one of your posts that it was the least painful book you found - totally agree. I read it pre-pregnancy, and am re-reading it now, and my husband is also game to read it considering I told him it a) didn't terrify me, and b) answered questions I didn't know I had.