Is she pregnant... or are her cheeseburgers showing?

Well y'all, it's happened. I've hit the inevitable stage in my pregnancy where onlookers may catch a glimpse of my stomach area and think "Wow, girlfriend needs to lay off the cheeseburgers!" instead of "Aww she's having a baby!"

Yep. I have the tiniest bump, which really isn't all that visible in most of the clothes I'm wearing these days (that would be lots of flowy, comfy, COOL dresses and such). So in the defense of others, I do look like I just have a really unattractive pooch. For the most part, if I do wear something more form-fitting, I've just been ordering/buying up a size, which has totally worked.

Until now.

I pulled the trigger on two dresses from Nordstrom for the wedding that we have this weekend. They both came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to try them on. Yea, big fat fail. TO BOTH OF THEM. Color me surprised when my up-sizing trick didn't work. The boob-down area of one looked awesome... but my lovely new lady friends have reached a point where even in a non-padded bra, the dress wouldn't zip. And for the second, it looked good stomach down and shoulders up... but the aforementioned boobs looked like they were trapped and trying to escape, and the band below the boobs was snug enough where it would look flattering any other time, but it just accentuated the questionable stomach area. Not enough to look like a bump, moreso that I had a few too many bagels for breakfast.

Color me panicked because I now have 3 days to find a new dress option, which basically eliminates ordering a dress from anywhere unless I want to pay the crazy 2-day shipping option. I know how I'll be spending my lunch break the next two days - TOTALLY RELAXING, I tell you...

I'd always heard about this weird in between time where most of your normal clothes no longer fit but you're definitely not bumping enough to wear maternity clothes, but I think I kind of assumed I'd just... gloss over that. Yea... not so much. I'm here to tell you that the in-between bump issue is real, and that it's totally normal to wake up in the morning and hate the majority of the clothes in your closet. God bless the gals who somehow managed to wear their normal, regular clothes through most of their pregnancies - peace be with you, and let me know how that feels, as I size-up and pray that the maternity sizing stage gets here ASAP!

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