Week 20 Bumpdate - Halfway!

How Far Along? 20 weeks - halfway there!

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 
I finally got it together and have a pic NOT taken in the bathroom at work - win!

Sex: Lots of pink and bows going on over here - can't wait to meet our sweet baby GIRL.

Weight Gain: Up 11 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: Still loving my maternity jeans and my maxi skirts (not maternity) - anything with an elastic waist is a friend of mine. No maternity tops yet, except for my beloved Liz Lange tanks from Target. Weekend outfits are much more flexible, but I'm getting a little tired of rotating the same handful of clothes for work every day. Fall (and leggings and tunics and ponchos) can't get here soon enough!

Baby's the size of... : A banana and a paper airplane (Brian liked that one). I feel like a banana is a big jump from a mango, but good to know the little one is movin' on up in there.

Nursery: September kicks off our plans for the nursery. We've met with a few contractors on the closet updates and are going to PBK either Sunday or Monday to order our crib and check out the rockers. I have a rug picked out, we just need to measure the room and pick a size, and Brian is ALL ABOUT painting the room. I woke up around 12:30 on Saturday night/Sunday morning and he was watching YouTube videos on how to paint correctly. We've painted a handful of rooms in our house but apparently this one needs to be perfect, which is adorable. I'm picking up paint samples during lunch today and am loving the look (online) of "Grey Owl" by Benjamin Moore.
Movement: Definitely feeling little "swooshes" this week and it's been the best feeling. I was thinking I felt movement a few weeks ago but whatever that was is definitely different from this feeling. No jabs or kicks yet, but when I get really still at my desk during the day or when I lay down in the evenings, I can feel her. Not gonna lie - I feel more of a "Oh hey, little one! Glad to know we're still good in there!" over the super sappy "That's my baby moving!" but whatever gives me peace of mind, right?

Symptoms: This has honestly been a pretty good week. An occasional cramp/ache here and there. My lower back has been a little sore, but I think it's just tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable at night, and sitting at my desk for too long during the day, so I'm making it a point to get up and move every hour or so. We were busy busy on Saturday morning and when I finally sat down I noticed that my feet were a little swollen but I elevated for a bit and we were good. Lots of tears, all of the time.

Brian: Is getting really excited to do all of the "dad duties" in the next few weeks. The painting research is pretty darn cute, and he's been all about cooking dinner the last few nights so I can relax.

Sleep: I'm waking up for bathroom breaks during the night a couple of times and it's getting harder to fall back to sleep afterwards. And even after a good night's sleep, I still feel tired when I wake up, so the struggle is real here.

Workouts: Major slacker - two long walks with Molly, and that's it. I'm looking into pregnancy fitness classes in my area because I feel so much better when I'm doing SOMETHING, and it seems like it would be nice to do it with a group of women who are also feeling your aches and pains. I love my walks and the weather is supposed to cool down starting tomorrow, so I'd love to get back on that routine as well. And let's be honest, if I keep indulging my cravings like I have been, this body's gotta move to some extent.

Cravings: Cinnamon toast. Lemonade. BLTs. Sweet potato fries with sriracha mayo. Cream cheese and pepper jelly on crackers. Chick-fil-a anything. Orange juice. Cravings that I had and satisfied? Macaroni and cheese, biscuits and gravy - amen.

Aversions: The smell of marinara sauce, eggs.

New Symptoms: The achey/heavy feeling in my lower abdomen is new and weird, and since I'm starting to show more my stomach feels... heavier? I noticed that for the first time this morning. And getting out of breath easier - not helping with the "gained two pounds" and "no exercise" trend. And when I cough/sneeze, I feel quick little stabby pains in my lower stomach area, so that's fun. This one is new - I'm always emotional in general and have been hyper-emotional this pregnancy. But in the last week or so, I find myself randomly missing Brian and Molly during the day (even though I saw them that morning and will see them after work). It's that weird homesick feeling in your stomach, and it almost brings me to tears (things like thinking of Molly being home alone by herself all day). Crazy, right? Yes.

Annoyances: Traffic. People who can't drive. The guy who cut me off in the grocery store line on Sunday with a basket more full than mine was. Being hot. Anything that fits too snug. A messy house.

What I Miss: Always missing a glass of wine, but I think the craving might be getting a bit better to handle? Let's just wait for this to be replaced with all of the fall beers though, and we'll be back on the right track. Also miss not getting out of breath as easy - that's quite the tricky mental game you play, pregnancy!

Best Moment This Week: I feel like it's just been a really good week. We made a couple of trips to Buy Buy Baby to try and narrow down our stroller/car seat choices. Feeling baby girl move has been fantastic, and seeing how excited Brian is for when he'll be able to feel her moving around is the sweetest. I started calling around to childcare options and making appointments for tours, so that feels like a check off of my (seemingly endless) list, thank goodness. And we completed our baby registries! It was a nice way to wrap up the first half of this pregnancy, though I feel like the second half is going to fly by!

Looking Forward To: We have friends and their little one coming to stay with us Friday and Saturday while they're in town for a wedding, so that'll be fun. Our PBK visit this weekend to order the furniture (and there's a Chick-fil-a in the same mall, so that's a win!) and Brian starting to work on painting the nursery. Things are starting to come together - very exciting.

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