Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! 

{one} Pregnancy Brain 
My newest "pregnancy is so fun and surprising" discovery this week? That "pregnancy brain" is REAL. So far this week, I've driven to the train to pick up Brian... on the day that he drove his own car to work; left the house for work in my rubber flip flops instead of work-appropriate shoes (and didn't notice until I got to my desk - thank goodness for my backup drawer!); was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair in the shower... as I realized that I never shampooed it first. 

{two} Baby Registry 
We're basically done with our baby registry, save for one last trip to Buy Buy Baby tomorrow morning to do a walk-around the store and see if we're missing anything big, and to make the final decision on our carseat and stroller. Right now, we're between the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 + UPPAbaby Cruz or Baby Jogger City Select, or the Britax B-35 Elite + Baby Jogger City Select. We've "test driven" them multiple times and have read tons of reviews, but we're the first in our group of friends to have a baby, so we don't really have anyone with firsthand experience. Any insight on these options, ladies? 

The registry as a whole STRESSED ME OUT because how in the heck do I know what my baby needs/wants/will like? And once you start researching, reading reviews, and getting opinions, it jumbles everything up that much more. It's been so fun but also so overwhelming!

{three} FALL
I don't know if it's this pregnancy making my already low tolerance of the heat THAT much worse, or just my love of fall in general, but I am SO OVER SUMMER and ready for the cool, crisp weather that fall brings! Not to forget, all of the pumpkin candles, sweaters + leggings, and two of my three favorite holidays! 

{four} Stranger Things
Brian and I have officially jumped on the "Stranger Things" bandwagon... and haven't looked back. We watched four episodes in two days, and are planning to finish Season 1 tonight! I'm so not a sci-fi fan, but it's not TOO sci-fi. It's a good storyline and cast, and while there are a few science-y elements, there hasn't been anything that's made me roll my eyes too hard... yet. It reminds me of The Goonies in a way, although that's a movie that I'll watch any time I come across it on TV, so that may not be saying much. Long story short, if you're looking for a new entertaining show to watch, give this a shot!

{five} Busy Busy!
Tonight and tomorrow are going to be a continuation of all things busy in our world. Brian's grandmother is celebrating her 90th birthday this weekend, so lots of family is coming in from out of town for her party. We're all having a casual dinner tonight, then (as I mentioned) Brian and I are heading home to bingewatch Stranger Things. Tomorrow morning, we have our last few registry errands to run, and I'm making time for a much-needed mani/pedi, too. The birthday girl's party is later in the afternoon, so that will go into the evening (always fun to see everyone). And Sunday brings the highly anticipated day of painting color samples in the nursery! 
I'm planning on that being our semi-relaxing day, and am totally making Stephanie's biscuits for breakfast, and something in the crockpot for supper. Temps will be in the 70s, so I'll light my new Sea Salt Pumpkin candle (heavenly!) and pretend that it's already September.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to our DeeDee,
and Happy National Dog Day to my Molly girl!


  1. SEA SALT PUMPKIN tell me where you found this

    My pregnancy brain is too legit to quit... I think... I can't remember...

    1. Marshall's! It's... divine. I'm going to have to stock up before everyone else catches my fall fever!

  2. Pregnancy brain is SO REAL! When I was pregnant, I locked myself out of my car... twice. :-/ Hahaha!

    My husband loves Stranger Things and I keep meaning to watch it too.

    Happy weekend!