Pregnancy is...

... watching the clock and wondering if it's too early to eat lunch. For the record, most days I tell myself that yes, 11:30am is too early to eat lunch.

... funny. Be ready to check yourself and all of your pre-pregnancy "I'm going to do _____ and ______ and never ______ when I'm pregnant!" statements at the door. For the most part, I still feel like pre-pregnancy Katie. But there are days when I have to deal with dirty kitchen floors and lay on the couch with my feet up while eating leftovers for supper instead of my Pinterest-planned dinner because my body is flat-out telling me "I'm growing a human with you and I'm exhausted - slow down and take it easy!" This isn't easy for me, but I'm working on it. Little Miss is already bossing me around...

... not all it's cracked up to be in the cravings department. I totally thought I'd be the mama-to-be sending Brian out to Taco Bell for bean burritos in the middle of the night, but for the most part, I haven't had any insatiable cravings that couldn't wait until a reasonable hour to indulge in. Even then, I always have it in the back of my mind that what I eat, the baby eats, and maaaaaybe that Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's isn't the best so I'm trying to make good decisions and keep things balanced. BUT... there's always an exception for bean burritos. 

... legit when it comes to your bump. It took me a solid 5+ months to really start to notice a bump, and it's now there and in charge. I'm moving around okay, but getting up from our deep-cushioned couches is an effort and getting out of bed requires a full-on side roll. I'm also noticing the shirt-shortening phenomenon, in which all of the non-maternity tops that were previously working are suddenly not possible without the assistance of my beloved maternity tanks. I also find my hands resting on the top of my bump all of the time, and Brian likes to joke that Molly thinks I grew her a personal pillow.

... realizing that your get up and go, got up and WENT some time around month 4. It's not so easy to have a marathon day of cleaning, shopping, running errands, etc. while growing a human. Major kudos to mamas who do manage to keep moving and going like normal throughout the entire pregnancy - teach me your ways.

... laughable when you look back at pics from your early months and compare them to now. Memories of "I don't like that picture - look at my double chin!" and "Ugh, I look so big there! Look at my arm - REDO!" come flooding back and I want to punch that naive newly pregnant lady in the face. AND I'M ONLY AT 26 WEEKS. Let's get to 10 + more and see how much I'm loving my reflection.

... crazy for your hormones. I'm a sensitive person to begin with, but being pregnant has put me into overdrive. I can cry at anything, any time, anywhere. Dog videos on Facebook? Sobs. The end of ABC News with David Muir? Tears. Ran out of grape popsicles or colby jack cheese? Put me in the bed - I can't take anymore. 

... a reality check. Like it or not, a whole bunch of changes are heading your/my way. They're scary and exciting and overwhelming and intimidating and wonderfully "pinch me, I can't believe it!" perfect and terrifying. From the day I saw the first positive pregnancy test (and the four positive tests that followed), I realized that my life, and our life, as we knew it would never be the same. And that's scary - it's okay that that's scary. Just this past Sunday night, Brian and I were cooking dinner with Molly at our feet and our favorite dinner prep station playing on Spotify and I got super teary and sentimental as I realized that in a little over 90 days, our life as a family of 2 + dog will never be the same. I love our family right now... but I know that I'm going to love our new family and sweet baby girl even more. I figure it's similar to how mom's with babies feel about having baby #2, wondering how they can ever possibly love another as much as they love their first... and then they just do. 

So I'm going to keep eating burritos while downing green smoothies, snuggling my Molly while she uses her bump-pillow, rest my feet and relax while I can, memorize the feeling of our girl kicking away inside of me, and soak up every minute of "just us" time with my sweet husband. Our world is going to be rocked in a few months but we are so over the moon excited for our baby girl to join our family. We may not be totally prepared, but who is? At the end of the day, pregnancy, as wild as it may be, is so very much worth it.

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