Week 24 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 24 weeks. That didn't feel like too terribly far along until I did the math and realized that 24 weeks = 6 months. How on earth am I six months pregnant?! 

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 

Feeling BIG this week...

Sex: Sweet baby GIRL - our sweet little CFK :)

Weight Gain: Yea, so I don't know why I ever thought this was a good idea to publicly update each week, but I'm just going to skip this going forward.

Maternity Clothes: My Old Navy Maternity yoga pants are making my world right now. Seriously, I walk in the door after work and put them on, take my walks in them, prep dinner/relax... it's nice to be comfy and not straight into pajama pants when I get home. The sweater in my pic is maternity but soooo beyond comfortable and feels moreso roomy than maternity. I bought a shirt from Target last week that has a tie below the boobs/above the stomach, and THAT feels maternity. It's comfy but I can't help but think it feels a bit tent-like. I've started looking for a dress to wear to my Massachusetts baby shower and I'm striking out left and right. 

Baby's the size of...: A demi-baguette (not surprising, considering how many bread-related carbs I've consumed this pregnancy) and a cantaloupe! The toy of the week is a G.I. Joe doll, which Brian got a kick out of. Girlfriend weighs about 1.5 lbs this week and is over a foot tall. She has a hair color and is starting to develop taste buds (love).

Nursery: At a temporary standstill. We've designated next weekend to be the big crown molding project, and are hoping to make our voyage to IKEA next Sunday to pick up our  dresser and a few other odds and ends I've been keeping lists for.

Movement: ALL OF THE TIME and I'm totally obsessed. There truly is no better feeling than those little bumps and kicks, mainly on the right side of my stomach and really low on my abdomen. She's also decided that night time is party time, and I'm noticing if I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she's awake too and will put on a little show before settling back down. I'm not even complaining - it keeps the crazy side of me calm, knowing that she's moving and shaking in there.

Symptoms: Can hunger be a symptom? Because I feel hungry ALL OF THE TIME. Like first trimester hungry, where I go from totally fine, to super nauseous, to I need to eat something immediately. My restless leg issues had settled down for awhile but appear to be back, especially on days when I've been on my feet a ton. Lots of weird aches and pains in my lower stomach that initially scared me enough to send me to the doctor earlier this week, but they checked me and said everything is fine, definitely not contractions, and just the standard pains of all of your internal organs shifting and repositioning to accompany a uterus the size of a soccer ball (insane). Shortness of breath and I can definitely tell if I push myself too hard. There have definitely been a couple of days where I just FEEL pregnant.

Brian: Has been the cutest this week. He constantly uses baby girl's name now, and talks about what kind of little girl she'll be. It makes me feel so happy because I know he's just going to be the best dad. Brian's cousin and his wife (and one of my best girls) welcomed their first baby (a girl!) last Friday night and I think it really connected with him that that will be us in just a few short months. Before he left for a trip this week, I was still in bed with Molly and he gave me and Molly a kiss/pat goodbye, and then came back to give baby C a kiss too. Seriously, melt my heart.

Sleep: Meh. Good nights come and go. Molly's had allergies and has been up off and on all night, most nights, so I constantly wake up with her/because of her. She's feeling better though, so fingers crossed we all get back to normal. I'm also struggling more and more to get comfortable and stay comfortable once I'm in bed, and getting up for trips to the bathroom multiple times a night isn't really helping.

Workouts: Two long walks, squats, and I downloaded Hilaria Baldwin's prenatal yoga DVD to try as well (thanks for the suggestion MHM!).

Cravings: Tart lemonade. Wheat Thins. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. A pumpkin spice donut. Pasta (cream sauce, not red sauce). A kale/broccoli slaw salad that I buy at Trader Joe's. Wavy Lay's and French Onion dip (did it for football last Saturday and it was WORTH IT). Dove Milk Chocolate. Pizza.

Aversions/Dislikes: The smell of cigarette smoke still gets me. I was behind a car in traffic the other day and the driver was smoking like a chimney - it was TORTURE. Raw chicken. Anything too sweet.

Annoyances: Bad drivers are a recurring item on this list. Allergies.

What I Miss: A good glass of red wine, especially now that the weather is getting cooler. Being able to wear all of my cute fall clothes.

Best Moment This Week: All of the crazy kicking, and seeing Brian get more excited every day for our little family to grow. Molly has also been super sweet and attentive to me, and is attached to my hip/lap/BUMP.

Looking Forward To: A relaxing weekend at home! I'm aiming to get a few closets cleaned out and prep our front yard/porch/window boxes for fall. Mums and pumpkins are calling my name.

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  1. Baby Moyer is so psyched for Baby King because s/he started kicking the second I opened up this post to read :)

    I have had those weird pains too, almost like period cramps! No bueno.