Week 27 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 27 weeks, 5 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 

I officially hit the point on Sunday of feeling puffy and... wide. I can filter these pics within an inch of their lives but that sure isn't going to thin out mama's face, ha. So that's been fun getting used to. I definitely feel like I'm showing more in the last couple of weeks, which is exciting!

Sex: Our girl, CFK!

Maternity Clothes: Yes please, all of the time. I'm still making non-maternity maxi skirts work, and a lot of my summer dresses are transitioning for the cooler temps with my maternity leggings and tights (necessary thanks to the shortage in the front caused by the bump), but I live for the weekends when I can live in my maternity yoga pants and full panel skinny jeans from Old Navy. I was thinking that a lot my tunic tops would still fit from last fall... yea, trying them on as I'm rushing out the door at 7 months pregnant wasn't the best idea. After they were all thrown to the bottom of my closet in anger, I ordered a few tops during an Old Navy/Gap sale to get me through this stretch, mainly things I can wear both to work and on the weekends. Hopefully those are my last maternity purchases - comfy as they are, I know I won't wear them forever!

Baby's the size of...: A bunch of bananas, a Charlotte Royale cake, a camping lantern and a fennec fox. Those all seem very obscure to me! Another app says she is the size of a head of lettuce... Regardless, she's measuring in at about 15 inches and weighs over 2lbs!

Nursery: Lots of things are happening this weekend! We have Saturday plans for Brian to finish filling in the nail holes in the crown molding and paint that white, and freshen up the room and door trim with a bright white. Then I can finally start putting the room together! We have the rug rolled up in the office, and the dresser in the garage, and everything  baby-related that we've received as gifts stored away, so I'm excited to start moving things into the room and making it feel more cozy! Our big remaining To Do items are to measure for new blinds and curtains, and measure the corner space we have in mind for the chair. Then I feel like it's just pulling all of the fun little details in - can't wait!

Movement: Girlfriend is a mover, that's for sure. This past week has her moving constantly - mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as well as when I get home from work and rest in the evenings. And at almost the exact same time every night when I'm going to bed, she has a little dance party. Brian still gets a kick out of feeling her... kick, and lets me know every movement that he feels (which I love). Call this mama-selfishness, but I've been waking up a few minutes before my alarm every morning and usually use the time to check email, browse Pinterest, etc. Baby girl must feel me waking up because the sweetest little kicks and rolls start happening right around that time, and I'm loving it - it's like our early morning mama/daughter "snuggle" time. I still can't help but grin and feel giddy every time I feel her moving around in there, even when it's a ferocious kick to my bladder.

Question for mamas/mamas to be: How on earth can you tell a difference between kicks, hiccups, somersaults?
Symptoms: This week has brought the swelling and overall puffiness. The scale is going up, which the doctor says is normal, but still #mindgames. I wear flats to work and am off of my feet most of the day, but I still go home with swollen feet/ankles at night. My wedding rings are still fitting fine, although I take them off a few times a day just to double check that we're still good with movement ha. I'm trying to up my water to combat the swelling, and am hoping it helps. Still pretty tired throughout the day, especially if I don't sleep well (which is happening more often). My glucose test showed that my iron is low, so I'm taking a supplement to help with that, and I'm hoping will start helping with the constant tiredness. Oh, this is a weird one - I have the weirdest ache in my pelvic area. Like it hurts to roll over in bed, is crazy pain when I stand up and walk getting out of bed in the morning, and hurts to stand on one leg. It's an ache and not pressure or anything, but I'm going to mention it to my doctor at my next appointment. I told Brian last night I just feel... heavy.

Brian: Still liking him a lot. He can tell that the "OMG I'm 7 months pregnant and look it" reality hit me kind of hard, so he's been going the extra mile to tell me I look pretty and help with more so I can relax, which is much appreciated. He's super excited about all of the work he's done in the nursery, which I think is the sweetest. I did point out my swollen feet last night and he looked at me with a weird face and asked "Is that... normal?" which might have made prompted a brief fit of rage, but aside from that, all is well in our little world.

Sleep: Not so great. I'm waking up 2-3 times a night for bathroom breaks, and just can't get comfortable when I go back to bed. I hate all of my pillows and while I'm laying in bed awake, I go through all of the lists in my head of things to do; things that are bothering me; things that freak me out; things I can't wait for... and the lists go on. I'm still working on pulling the trigger to invest in a pregnancy pillow - any favorites out there?

Workouts: Three long walks, a couple of shorter walks with Molly, and I just bought Hilaria Baldwin's prenatal yoga DVD, which I'm really excited about. I'm feeling so tight sore, I'm hoping the consistent stretching will help a sister out. I've also read that doing yoga while pregnant can help with labor/delivery, so sign me up for that! My ideal plan is to get in 2-3 walks each week (depending on how this pelvic pain goes), and 3 yoga sessions (an hour long each). 

Cravings: Cheddar cheese, ice cold seltzer water with lots of lime, smoothies, Trader Joe's tamales, cold Honeycrisp apples, Chili's chips and salsa (had that last weekend - thanks Mom!), creamy pasta, Indian food, cinnamon rolls, Kate's Greek burrito bowls (so insanely good).

Aversions/Dislikes: I'm struggling with lettuce again. The thought of a good chopped salad sounds delicious and satisfying, but it's been a struggle to actually eat it. Most vegetables that I usually love sound gross raw, so I'm going to try roasting a bunch this weekend so I can bring them with my lunches next week. This baby needs vegetables because right now she might arrive made solely of (delicious) carbs.

Annoyances: This weird hot/cold weather. Make up your mind already, October - we're done with the heat and ready for blankets and scarves and fires in the fireplace. My beloved brown boots no longer fitting.

What I Miss: Wine wine wine. Really wanting a glass of red while I cozy up on the couch and catch up on my hot mess DVR shows.

Best Moment This Week: My mom being in town and my Massachusetts baby shower! It was last Sunday and was absolute perfection. My girls went with a "little pumpkin" theme and it couldn't have been any better. Our guests were so beyond generous with their gifts, but it was really nice to just have so many of our favorite people together in one room (because really - how often does that happen?) to celebrate such an exciting time. 

Looking Forward To: Putting the nursery together this weekend! And doing a bit of cleaning out/throwing away throughout our extra bedrooms. They tend to be the dumping ground for extra stuff, and I'm thinking nesting has kicked into high gear because I LOSE MY MIND when I walk into a room and something is out of place. 

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