Weeks 28 + 29 Bumpdates

How Far Along? 29 weeks

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28 weeks

29 weeks

Sex: Our sweet girl, CFK!!

Maternity Clothes: Always and forever. Living in my maternity tights/leggings for work, full panel yoga pants for relaxing, and full panel jeans on the weekends. Anything that cuts into my stomach feels awkward and so uncomfortable, so we're a strictly full panel crew these days. I'm still working with non-maternity dresses and skirts (elastic waist, please and thank you) and a few of my sweaters, but I need my maternity tanks to make up for the length. I just placed one last order with Old Navy for a few cold weather essentials to get me through these last two months. Anxious for that order to come in because I'm pretty over the basics that I've been rotating for the last few months.

Baby's the size of...: An acorn squash, or a pineapple! Those seem vastly different in size to me, but who knows. I feel like I'm carrying around a bowling ball, so baby girl is definitely gaining weight.

Nursery: Is looking good! The dresser, rug, and crib are all in, and Brian has to do a tiny bit of paint touch up around the windows on Saturday, but aside from that, we're ready to start loading in all of the baby things! I'm so excited to start finding places for everything - that's been my biggest stressor, since literally everything we have is currently sitting in our office. We're going tonight to order the glider, and that should be here in 2-4 weeks. A little later than I was expecting/hoping, but life happens and it is what it is.

Movement: ALL OF THE TIME. Even right now, sitting at my desk, she's doing flips and stretches constantly. She puts on a good show in the evenings too - it's totally the norm for Brian to walk into the room and find me staring at my stomach. It's crazy how just a few weeks ago we were waiting for minutes in between her movements, just waiting to see one little bump, and now if you watch, the movements go all across my stomach, high, low, pushing out... it's the best. Feeling her move is the best (and most reassuring) part of this pregnancy so far for me. And now that I'm getting closer to the end (how did that happen?!) I've started thinking about how much I'll miss feeling her move (and I'm tearing up - thanks pregnancy hormones).

Symptoms: Awful pelvic pain if I walk for too long, or go from sitting (like on the floor) to standing too many times. The doctor said it's normal and just things stretching out but Lord have mercy - it is PAINFUL. Tightness in my back. Swollen feet. Majorly restless legs when I'm trying to settle down for bed. Feeling the urge to pee CONSTANTLY, including 2-3 times a night. Starting to waddle a bit. Randomly feeling super nauseous during the day, similar to the occasional nausea in the first trimester. My iron is low, so I'm taking a supplement every morning - I'm hoping this explains why I'm so tired ALL of the time.

Brian: I'm seriously so thankful every day for him. We spent last weekend in Chicago meeting our new niece and spending Saturday in the city to celebrate his 30th birthday, and I just wanted to focus on him as much as I could and make the day special. I know I haven't been the most pleasant gal throughout this journey, but he's definitely put up with me and my crazy. 

He's also been awesome at reassuring me when I have my panicky freakout moments (the reality of labor and actually delivering this baby has become really real, and that is so scary to me). It was just the best seeing him with baby Shirley over the weekend - he took right to her, and it made me so excited for all that's to come for us!

Oh, and on a slightly funny note... I thought that I saw the beginnings of a stretch mark on my stomach while we were in Chicago. I charged across the hotel room to show him and as I'm saying "I mean, I'm sure I'm just imaging it, it's definitely NOT a stretch mark, right?" he pipes in with "Oh wait, yes it is. I see it for sure - right there." Thanks, husband. But really, he's the best.

I'm also realizing how limited our time as "just us" is, and I admittedly feel very selfish about it. We specifically haven't made plans now through my due date, and I want to be very intentional with our time together. Even if it's just watching one of our DVR shows in bed, that us time means a lot to me and it's become very apparent to me in the last couple of weeks that once CFK is here, there's no going back. Don't get me wrong - we're elated and over the moon to meet our daughter, and are so looking forward to what our future holds as a family. But for the past 9 years it's just been the two of us and we have our own normal, and I want to savor that as much as we can.

Sleep: Not great. Like even while traveling, in comfy beds without Molly as a bedmate, I couldn't get a great night's sleep. I've been using my Snoogle but I honestly can't figure out what the praise is all about. It's kind of comfy but it's freaking huge and is like having another person in the bed. And when I have to get out of bed to pee, I have to hurl my body over the pillow, like in an obstacle course. It's... something. It feels like any way that I turn, my back aches or my stomach cramps, so that's fun.

Workouts: Tons of walking while we were in Chicago! A good 40 minute walk on Thursday, a long walk across campus on Friday, and walking all over Chicago on Saturday. I finally pieced together everything I need for my yoga DVD, so I'm aiming to give it a shot this weekend and see how I like it.

Cravings: Pizza. Pineapple. Oooh... pizza with pineapple. Cinnamon toast. Sour gummy candy from Trader Joe's. Mint Milanos. Root beer. Lemonade. Still on a kick with the cold clementines. Red meat (burgers, steak, tacos). Turkey sandwiches from a deli. Peppermint bark. Grilled cheese sandwiches.

Aversions/Dislikes: The smell of Whole Foods almost made me vomit at lunch today. Lettuce and I are on the struggle bus. Stale air - like anytime I can smell anything lingering in the air (on the airplane last weekend, in my office when someone heated their lunch today). Chicken breasts - the texture and color are just not working for me.

Annoyances: Constantly feeling winded. How heavy I feel, just walking around.

What I Miss: Really good workouts. Not feeling tired all of the time. 

Best Moment This Week: Hearing our girl's heartbeat is always a winner for me - everything checked out great at my appointment this morning, and just like that, we're at doctor's appointments every 2 weeks! The other best moment would definitely be our Chicago trip - seeing our family, meeting sweet Shirley, and having our birthday/babymoon hurrah in the city.

Looking Forward To: Making good progress on the nursery this weekend and spending lots of time just us! 

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