Week 32 + 33 Bumpdates

How Far Along? 33 weeks, 5 days

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Week 32

Week 33

I see that I've started repeating outfits in my bumpdates. Guess how much I care? Nope, not a bit. I'm feeling large and in charge and think that I've crossed over that threshold of "Pregnancy makes me feel beautiful and amazing!" to "My feet are fat. My rings don't fit. My face is chubby. My bump is... bumpin' into everything." I'll take it all as long as this little one is healthy, but mercy - pregnancy plays tricks on your mind when it comes to your self-image. Usually a glass of wine helps with that whole "I am FABULOUS!" mood, and I have to admit - my La Croix doesn't have the same effect.

Sex: GIRL!

Maternity Clothes: All day, every day. Even my pajama pants are maternity. Non-maternity things like cardigans/ponchos that I don't have to really technically close/button are still fair game, but I mainly just don't like feeling constricted, so the full panel is (and has been for awhile) my new best friend. I did invest in a nursing sleep bra that has changed my (and the girls') life, so that's a wardrobe change the minute I walk in the door, along with my yoga pants, a comfy tee, and whichever sweatshirt I can wrestle over the bump.

Baby's the size of...: A pineapple/head of cauliflower/THREE chocolate croissants (I love that that particular app specified THREE croissants - I can get on board with that!). Baby girl is measuring in a little over 17 inches, and weighing 4.2-ish pounds.

Nursery: Almost done! I'm on the hunt for a mirror, a floor lamp, and the last few wall decor items, and then we are DONE. I started washing all of the tiny clothes and soft blankets this past weekend and I have to admit - if all laundry were that much fun to do, I wouldn't hate it. I've spent a little time in the nursery every night this week, folding and organizing the dresser drawers, and THAT makes it feel real. Diapers, wipes, creams, yummy lotions... they're all ready and waiting! I was panicking that we had zero diapers in the house, so I came home from Target last Saturday with a mini pack of Pampers Swaddlers and a travel pack of wipes (we have a big order on its way from Amazon). But something about having those tucked away in the drawer made me think "Okay, I could theoretically have a baby today and we'd have everything we need!" 

Movement: We are officially in the "That hurt!" zone of movement. I feel her tucked under my ribs all day long while sitting at my desk, and if I lay on one side or the other in bed, she's all over the place. There's also lots of back and forth/side to side flips and turns going on, and hiccups have kicked in the past week. The doctor told me she's moving so much, I don't have to worry about kick counts right now. I think we might have our hands full once this babe is here...

Symptoms: Swelling like crazy, regardless of how much I watch my sodium and drink liter after liter of water. My feet are the worst, and they ran bloodwork today to check for preeclampsia, and thankfully that came back perfectly fine and clear, but they gave me a prescription for compression stockings. I texted Brian a picture of it with the note "Pregnancy just gets sexier and sexier." Really attractive grunts and sighs when I get into the car, get out of bed, get off of the couch... basically anytime I have to exert myself. Getting winded going up and down the stairs. Round Ligament Pain is still very real and active and whatever you call it - IT'S NOT PLEASANT. This is random, but I also feel like I'm losing my arm strength - WTF? I was peeling potatoes for Thanksgiving and couldn't stop laughing because it legit felt like my arms were going to fall off. Folding clothes, my arms get tired. Overall, I've started to feel really uncomfortable a lot of the time, just can't get in a good position sitting, standing, laying down.

Brian: Still wonderful. He can tell when I'm having a bad day (or maybe I'm just overly vocal about it?) but he's really been stepping in and helping me and refusing to let me... refuse, and instead insisting that I get on the couch with Molly and relax. So that's been super appreciated. He knows I'm a little on-edge and stressed about getting a handful of things taken care of, so as much as I know he'd likely rather be doing other things, he has the best "all hands on deck" attitude to help me and make sure I'm happy. Couldn't love him any more.

Sleep: Terrible, awful, what is good sleep? I'm up 3-4 times a night to pee, and once I'm in bed, I can't get comfortable. My hips are sore, so laying on my side is painful, and I just in general haven't had a good night's sleep in a while.

Workouts: Good - two 2-mile walks outside, and a 45 minutes gym session with Brian. It felt really good but I REALLY felt it the rest of the day - it hurt to walk/stand in my pelvic bone area where I've felt all of the crazy intense RLP, so I don't know if I pushed too much or just finally got a good workout in. I mean, I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes (while watching Miracle on 34th Street) and you would have thought I climbed Everest from the way that I looked afterwards. 

Cravings: Grilled cheese, lemonade and fruit punch, cheddar and Triscuits, ice cream (on occasion), a random Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar. I'm dying to bake cookies, but I'm afraid they'll be gone before the weekend. Cinnamon rolls sound delightful. 

Aversions/Dislikes: I'm struggling with anything remotely healthy sounding good for dinner. I'm trying to watch starchy carbs at night, but the thought of a plate consisting of just protein + veggies makes me gag a little. Strong smells make me super nauseous - I'm loving my Mrs. Meyer's room sprays (the Lemon Verbena is DELIGHTFUL) but all of my fall candles that smell sweet are DONE. 

Annoyances: My swollen feet. They hurt, none of my shoes fit, they look disgusting... yea, they majorly annoy me. And loud people - on my nerves a lot.

What I Miss: With the holidays coming, I... miss wine! It's my sidekick through prepping for Thanksgiving, surviving Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, watching Christmas movies with the tree sparkling next to me, surviving Christmas... a splash here and there just isn't cutting it. A dear, dear friend has agreed to bring me wine at the hospital, and Brian just restarted our monthly wine delivery to start the week I'm due. I knew I married that man for a reason...

Best Moment This Week: A healthy report at the doctor this morning! CFK's heartbeat was great and all of my bloodwork, blood pressure, etc. came back totally normal and healthy. And filling the nursery with all of her little baby things - it makes it that much more real that it's not just a room, but our daughter's room!

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound on the 14th, one month before The Due Date - I love that it's before Christmas! And decorating for Christmas this weekend - I want to savor as much of December and this last Christmas as just the two of us as I can, so we're decorating, getting our tree, and working on little nursery things.

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  1. MY ARMS ARE SHRINKING TOO. Can't lift for shit!!! It's annoying.

    My next ultra is 12/15, we have to text our new pix :) xo