Week 31 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 31 weeks, 5 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 

Holy moly, y'all. I can't lie - this is one of the first pictures that I've looked at and thought "I look REALLY pregnant." I've also started having thoughts like "How much bigger can I realistically get?" Apologies for the bathroom pic, but Brian informed me that the one I took this morning in a black dress "Didn't really show how big my bump is" (thanks, dear) so I'll share this one from yesterday!

Sex: I have our final ultrasound coming up and had a flash-panic this morning while getting ready - what if the genetic testing AND our gender ultrasound were both wrong and we're having a boy, not a girl?! Of course we'd be over the moon either way, but I started sorting through baby clothes and blankets we've been gifted and all I have to say is that if this little one isn't a girl, we're in major trouble with a pink overload situation.

Maternity Clothes: Loving my long maternity tanks, full panel ponte pants, and cardigans (a la my photo above) for work, and leggings/tunics for the weekends. I'm in my full panel yoga pants the minute I walk in the door in the evenings, and can't wait to change into my maternity Christmas pajama pants at bedtime. Most of my non-maternity shirts are too short but can work with a tank underneath, so I'm still able to wear a few of those.

Baby's the size of...: Croquembouche (YUM) or a head of romaine lettuce (GAG), clocking in at an estimated 16.1 inches and 3.31 pounds.

Nursery: We're almost finished with the major things! Brian has been amazing and hung our new blinds this weekend and the curtains last night, and our glider comes home tomorrow! Then we just get to arrange everything, and start hanging things on the wall (I might be most excited about this). Brian has to switch out the clothes rod in the closet for a smaller, baby hanger-friendly size, but once that's done, I think we'll be in a good place. I still have to buy a small table to keep next to the chair, but want to see how much space we're working with once the glider is in the room. I don't want things to feel cramped, like we took up every piece of space.

Movement: This past week, movement has really escalated from "I love these sweet little kicks" to "Holy heck, those are mama's ribs!" She seems to be fond of my right side, and if I touch my ribs in the evening, they're super sore. It also feels like she's doing flips, which is such a weird sensation. It's almost like I can feel her gearing up to make the turn, then there's a big, distinct moving sensation - so strange but I love it. 

Symptoms: Swollen feet and hands - charming. My engagement ring is officially off, so I'm wearing my lonely wedding band for the time being, but am honestly thinking I'm going to have to find a cheap-y substitute to get me through these last couple of months. Our bands have inscriptions on the inside and the last thing I'd want is for my ring to have to be cut off. Also, the feeling of not being able to get said ring off when I casually try IS CALLED CLAUSTROPHOBIA AND IT'S REAL. Terrible headaches - sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoons. And I've tried everything - drinking lots of water, having sips of juice, spacing meals out so my blood sugar doesn't drop... nothing helps except closing my eyes, and I can't exactly do that at my desk. And nausea first thing in the morning. I've had charlie horses the last couple of nights but they went away quickly once I woke up and stretched my legs. Major hip achiness in bed, so I'm constantly turning from side to side. Oh, and turning side to side? Isn't all that easy anymore. Super winded when climbing the stairs. Feeling a little more off balance if I move too quickly. Lots of aches and pains in my back. That lovely pelvic pain is still definitely making itself known - I'm anxious to ask my doctor about it at my appointment tomorrow. So far, this third trimester is a TREAT! 

Brian: Love him so much for all that he's doing (even if it's sometimes just to keep me happy and keep a hormonal outburst at bay). I know he doesn't want to come home after work and hang curtains, but he does it for me and that makes him the best. He's making dinner and doing dishes afterwards more often, which is huge for me, especially with this uncomfortable swelling in my feet. I think he realized this past week that I'm not exaggerating when I struggle to get off of the couch or bend down to pick something up, because he's been taking extra steps to help me before I ask for it (mainly because I suck at asking for help), so that's appreciated. And if I mention a craving, he immediately offers to go out and get it for me. I can't wait to see him with our girl - it makes me happy and teary and feel very overwhelmed with love for him, and she's not even here yet!

Sleep: For the birds. Between tossing and turning and the need to pee every hour or so, it feels pointless. I may have had a fit last night, trying to get comfortable, where I freaked out and yelled "I JUST CANNOT GET COMFORTABLE." I mean, I couldn't. And it was kind of a panicky feeling realizing I literally could not position myself in any possible way that felt good enough for me to relax and sleep. So yea, Snoogle or not, I'm struggling with sleep.

Workouts: Long walks over the weekend, and evening walks with Molly. 

Cravings: The cravings have come out of nowhere this month. Vanilla ice cream with pomegranate seeds. Cold clementines. Polar seltzer first thing every morning, lots of ice, in my Yeti. Mashed potatoes. Popeye's (I honestly am not even sure if I've had Popeye's before, but spicy fried chicken needs to be in my life). Peppermint chocolate. A warm brownie with vanilla ice cream. Soft sugar cookies with frosting. My Mawmaw's cornbread dressing (hurry up, Thanksgiving!). Bean burritos and pizza always sound good but I'm limiting those, promise.

Aversions/Dislikes: Brian roasted vegetables for dinner one night and the smell lingered throughout the house. I woke up at 3:30am, nauseated from the smell, and proceeded to douse the house with one of my Mrs. Meyer's room sprays and crack the windows. We've had fish a couple of times and the smell of that turns my stomach. I loved Goldfish last week and this week I threw a baggie of them away. Also made a huge kale/chicken/quinoa/Caesar salad on Sunday to bring for lunches this week, and after loving it when I made it, I can't stomach it at. all.

Annoyances: I've slowly limited my wardrobe to lots of black with pops of color from scarves and jewelry. One of the Old Navy tunics that I bought and really liked (in my photo from last week) has a random hole in the back after ONE wear and ONE wash (on the gentle cycle, laid flat to dry). My house feeling like it's constantly messy, and the fact that our bi-weekly cleaning ladies (who I'm so grateful to have and have helped me keep my sanity this pregnancy) bumped our cleaning from this week to next Wednesday. Con: I tend to let the house go a little bit when I know they're coming, so it's currently a wreck. Pro: The house will be nice and clean for Thanksgiving next week. #firstworldproblem, I'm very aware.

What I Miss: Wine, especially with the holidays coming. Let's be honest - it's fun for the social aspect and necessary for the family tolerance. My riding boots. 

Best Moment This Week: Having our "just us" weekend to relax and get things done at home. Finishing the bigger projects in the nursery.

Looking Forward To: Thanksgiving! Seeing my sweet friend, Shivani, this weekend while she's in town. Starting to Christmas shop and get ready for my favorite time of year!

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