Week 34 Bumpdate

How Far Along? My impulse-reply to this was "752" but the actual answer is 34 weeks, 5 days.

Musings on the Weekly Photo: 

Thank God for maternity tanks. I'm feeling quite large this week.

Sex: Judging by the insane amount of hairbands and bows that have accumulated in her nursery, Baby King is a GIRL!

Maternity Clothes: Despising them all, but it's all I'm wearing. They were all grand and exciting and COMFORTABLE when I first started wearing them, but the novelty has worn off and I'm over them. The sweater above isn't maternity but the pants and tank are. I'm rotating the same handful of outfits at work but still get irritated getting dressed in the mornings when I see all of my cute winter things that I can't wear.

Baby's the size of...: A baguette batard (ooh la la), a savoy cabbage, a basketball hoop (another one Brian couldn't wrap his head around), or a butternut squash. Girlfriend's estimated stats are 18 inches long, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 pounds. And let's be honest - Mama is feeling it!

Nursery: I am so happy to say that we're thisclose to being done! I went on a major nesting spree last week/weekend and washed, folded and put away everything that she'll wear or use in the first few months. Best (and cutest) loads of laundry I've ever seen! I tend to stress out over little details in general, and pregnancy has basically made me completely indecisive, so I've been debating for weeks over things like a mirror, a hamper, what should be hung over her crib... silly things. I bought a mirror and hamper today, ordered prints and a special something from Etsy and Minted, and decided on a little table to go next to the rocker. We're in the home stretch! The next final project is swapping the clothing rod in the closet - it's too wide to fit baby hangers, so Brian's going to replace it this weekend. I can't wait to share pictures of this sweet room, by far my favorite in the house :)

Movement: I think it's safe to say that my girl is running out of space in there because I feel EVERYTHING, all day long.

Symptoms: Lots of restless legs in the evenings, swelling in my feet and occasionally my hands (wedding rings are officially off), stuffiness/congestion really bad first thing in the morning and continuing throughout the day, pain around my ribs, headaches, pressure in my pelvis when I walk, shortness of breath... basically, the 3rd trimester is a real treat these days.

Brian: Has been great at keeping me calm when I have my anxious freak outs about All That Is To Come.

Sleep: Eh. It depends on the day. My hips are sore, so it hurts laying on my side, but obviously stomach or back positions aren't an option. It also absolutely KILLS to roll from side to side without supporting my stomach, so I basically have to hold myself, rotate to my side, and rock a bit to stand up. Witnessing this scene is very special, believe me.

Workouts: Ha, aside from a few walks with Molly, none. I'm still doing my squats and stretching my hips, but aside from that, it honestly hurts to be too active, which is depressing.

Cravings: Pomegranates - cannot get enough. Lemonade. Freshly baked cookies. Jalapeno-stuffed olives from Trader Joe's. Cheddar and Triscuits. Frozen lemonade.

Aversions/Dislikes: Raw chicken, Goldfish (had to have them a couple weeks ago, can't look at them now).

Annoyances: People with bad attitudes - they immediately make me feel ragey.  

What I Miss: Wine. It's been 33ish loooong weeks since I had a glass, and as off and moody as I've been feeling, I'd love nothing more than to relax with a glass by my Christmas tree while watching a movie.

Best Moment This Week: Getting everything decorated for Christmas and a good report at the doctor.

Looking Forward To: Celebrating my last birthday weekend with Brian, just the two of us!

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