Happy 100 to ME!!

There are so many things to say today that I just don't know where to start. So, I shall ramble as I always do and hope that everything rounds up together in some semblance of a coherent blog post.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank y'all for such sweet words on my "Gotta Lose That Extra JIGGLE!" post. As far as I've come in my weight loss journey (WLJ), I still have a good ways to go and there are few things more encouraging and refreshing on a hard day (or good day, for that matter!) than having people who are on your side! Not many people know specifics about my weight loss-- Brian, my family, close friends and a very few co-workers. I think weight loss is a private thing... which, you know, is why I totally broadcast my details on the internet. However, if I've learned anything along the way it's that being honest with yourself keeps you honest in general, and so I'm sharing the journey with all of you. From the days that I make the best food and workout choices out there, to days like yesterday where I just don't want to do anything.

We had decently warm weather (It was 72! It was a taste of summer! I am so far from Texas...) so I convinced Brian to head to the track for our run. Upon arriving and doing laps in the 53 degree wind-whipped weather for .75 miles, we called it quits, which put me in a crummy mood. We got back to the condo where I debated skipping my first day of Jillian. Yes, that's right. I had my shoes off and had dramatically flung myself onto our bed, muttering how I didn't WANT to do the Shred and blah blah blah. Brian finally looked at me and said "You don't have to do it, you know. Nobody will know but... you. And me."

He knows me so well.

I got up, defiantly my shoes back on and in a scene eerily similar to that of Julie Powell and her husband (shoutout to Julie & Julia) in which he tells her that if she doesn't make recipes for one night that nobody will know and she whips around and says something along the lines of "My readers will know!" And so, my friends, so as to be able to show my face on my blog again and not fail before I began, I endured 20 torturous minutes of The Shred. Biggest Loser fan that I am, this is all that I heard/saw/processed for the entire time:

And then, because he loves me and knows that I am willing to sacrifice (a tiny, tiny, insignificant portion of vanity) for my readers and followers, The Boy obliged my request and took this:

(sidenote: Kindly remember that we live with boyfriend's sister, which explains the pillow and Christmas tree placemat on the floor in the background. I don't pick it up because I didn't put it there. It's a mid-twenties Battle of the Wills.)

No. I do not snarl like that when doing the exercise. He asked for a grimace and I have to admit that between the butterflies or kickbacks or whatever the eff Jill had me doing, this was the immediate and natural face that happened. This might also be the reason why Brian opted to stay out of the room while I Shredded. Whatev. My shoulders and hips and abs are mighty sore today, so I'm hoping to transform the bod into Carrieland in no time (shoutout to all of my commenters who are totally with me on the Carrie obsession!).

Moving on...

Today, my friends, is my ONE HUNDREDTH BLOG POST!! I really wish that I had more to share with you other than pictures of my awkward self doing the Shred and my acknowledgement that I drank my Saturday away this past weekend (hello, Skinny Girl margaritas and Spiked Arnold Palmer bevs while watching the Masters... in our living room... in pajama pants. We're nothing, if not fancy), but I really do not.

When I started my blog, I had no idea where it would head, or if I'd even be consistent with updating it... which I'm still working on. There are days where I just flat out either don't feel like writing anything, don't know how to put my day into words, and days where there's just flat out nothing going on-- who wants to read about my hour commute to work, a day at the computer, an hour commute home, a run at the gym and my dinner that I cooked? However, as insignificant as the random posts can seem, I keep my blog for myself and for my family, and I love that I can trace back through my posts and read about my ups and downs since I've moved to Boston, how my relationship has evolved with The Boy, how I've changed from socially awkward and overweight to healthy and in shape and A RUNNER with friends and the ability to smile and chat with anyone (I've come leaps and bounds). And so, I love this little blog of mine and will be here to write it for as long as I have readers!

And now, because I need to end on a happy chipper note...

As an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, I am about as anti-Tom Brady as one can be. I am sharing this video with whomever will sit still long enough to watch it. I loved this man when he was young (p.s. Do not search "tom brady young" on your work computer. Just... trust me.) but now he has a shaggy ponytail and carries his wife's purse (whatev if she's Giselle Bundchen) and pulls dance moves like this


in Rio and then he goes and CRIES on TV, on ESPN of all channels... the man should be ashamed. I, however, am not ashamed, just thoroughly entertained.

On the bright side, he has not gone downhill as much as THIS guy

... whom boyfriend and I will be seeing tonight. Yes, you read that correctly. We paid our hard-earned money to likely see a nutty celebrity be boo'd off of the stage. There will be dinner and copious drinks beforehand, so hopefully that will take away the sting. So while you're lounging tonight, I'll be here:

On that note, have a happy Tuesday, my lovelies.


  1. I saw that ESPN clip is morning while on the elliptical! Crazy. I love me some Tom Brady(Not long haired, married to Giselle Tom Brady) and it may have reignited the flame.

  2. Happy 100th post to you; Happy 100th post to you; Happy 100th post, dear Kaaaaaatieeeee, Happy 100th post to you.

    I skipped the 30DS yesterday. I had to, though... I had to go make those EXACT SAME DANCING HANDS at TB12, while dancers told the story of Holy Week at Church. And now you reminded me, so now I have to remember to do it post-Zumba, when I get home. Goodness, what amount of weight are you using there, Thor?!

  3. Katie, congrats on the 100th post!!! That's awesome =)

    And by the way, I think you're a really funny writer. I always enjoy reading your posts =)

  4. Great Post and Happy 100th posting. That's awesome! Oh, Jillian is tough! I NEED to start the Shred again, but I am scared, sad I know but she is tough.! Anyways, have a fant-a-bulus time tonight & take pictures :)

  5. Ok, which Carrie are we talking about... Underwood? Or Bradshaw? Carrie Underwood is great and all but I am the biggest Carrie Bradshaw fan, eva!

  6. Happy 100! Congrats on doing Jillian even though you didn't want to!

  7. Rachel- I was OBSESSED with TB12 (as Pats-lovers here in Boston have been known to call him) when he was all rugged and hot stuff early in the game. Now I have a feeling ole Giselle wears the pants in their little coupling.

    Caitlin- I appreciate the song, though it would have had a MUCH bigger effect if you'd have performed it in the kitchen at work. Just sayin'. And the weights... I think they come out to 7lbs each. I know. I am woman, see me wince.

    Katie- Thank you for the congrats (and for the compliment!)-- I enjoy your posts as well!

    BlessedMama- The only way to conquer Jill is to jump in there... and get really mad... and aim for her face while you're doing the squat-punches haha :)

    Lindsey- I'm a girl on a quest for Carrie Underwood's legs, but I agree-- Carrie B is pretty fab as well!

    Mrs. Smith- Thank you for the congrats (and for co-hosting this weight challenge!)

    Laura- The sidenote was funny only because it's so, so true. Painfully true haha.