The Jiggle Remains.

Weight Loss Challenge

Y'all, I cannot tell a lie. Since the scale does not lie, I cannot lie to you-- I blew it this week. This weight loss challenge and I did not see eye-to-eye. I went up one pound. Okay two.

In my defense, I flat-out didn't put in my 100% this week, and while I do feel a bit guilty about that (hello shame, meet my blog fans), I also kind of don't. I could have easily fibbed and said I went down, but when I saw Rachel's post this morning about HITTING HER GOAL!!, I knew that I could not tell a lie to my people.

So I won't. I am a bit interested as to why I went up two pounds, but I can't dwell on it. While I did manage to Shred twice (you can spot me by looking for the girl with the granny waddle as I walk) and made great food choices (beginning Monday), I barely fit in any cardio AND I feel like I'm retaining a bit of water (TMI? Whatev.). Solution? I'm going to pound my water today and stick to my healthy food picks and pray for Saturday morning, my WW weigh-in day, to show better results.

I do feel more motivated, especially after starting to Shred and knowing that bathing suit season is around the corner, I'm both in a wedding and attending another this summer... I've gotta look GOOD. And so, I'm recommitting... again. I think that I burnt myself out after obsessively tracking my WW points and watching every bite that went in my mouth for an entire year. So I rebelled a little bit and it's not easy getting back in the saddle and being overly conscious again, which is necessary because WW IS writing and tracking every bite you put in your mouth. My goal this time around is not let the awareness overtake me-- sometimes easier said than done.

For today, I'm going to go and be excited about my afternoon quesadilla-- a Flatout wrap with a melted Babybel Light and a Laughing Cow Queso Fresco Chipotle wedge. If you're counting, that would be 3WWpoints, which is a successful snack in book.

'Til later, my lovelies.


  1. It's okay, don't beat yourself up over it. I only lost 1! You can do it girl :)

  2. Thank you so much. It's reasons like your encouraging comment that make me happy I DID decide to do this challenge-- the support!! Congrats on your loss! Every weight loss journey has to start somewhere :)

  3. You Shredded last night, and you're sore today, right? Here's a fun fact: when I finished my 10 days of Level 1 last year, I was all excited to weigh in and take my measurements again so I could see my progress. On the morning of the 11th day, I woke up, did my biz, and hopped on the scale and grabbed a measuring tape. And then I bawled my little eyes out for 20 straight minutes, because NOT ONLY had I gained 3 lbs, I'd also gained inches all over.

    Thankfully, as you know, I am as stubborn as an ass, and I refused to quit. So, I did my 10 days at L2. And then I took a day off, and then did my 10 days at L3. And then I took 2 days off, and re-weighed and took my measurements again. From the beginning, I lost 3lbs... but I'd lost over 7".

    It turns out, my experience wasn't unique; I talked to a lot of Shredders who explained the biomechanics to me, with the whole "if your muscles hurt, they're holding water" schtick and yadda yadda yadda. I knew that; I just didn't believe it was true for me. But it was.

    It's true for you, too -- I'd put money on it! You're doing SO well, and you're totally going to kill this challenge. I have 100% complete faith in you, and you're a HUGE motivation to me. So get back at it and punch Jillian in the face; my punches don't seem to ever take her out! ;)

  4. Caitlin, thank you for the boost! You've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of my WLJ this past year and it's been so helpful to have you battle along with me... in a good, positive way haha. I'm gonna stick with hoping my muscles are holding water and pray for a loss next Thursday :)

    And no-- Jillian keeps that awkward pre-big fame smirk on her face at all times.

  5. Wow, your snack sounds awesome!

    and the Shred kicks your @$$... hahaha or it did mine anyway... Love the granny walk comment!

  6. Umm.. I'm guessing you don't know how many times I went up on my weight only to have to re-lose it. A LOT. Don't beat yourself up over it! I sometimes want to punch Jillian in the face.

  7. I was thinking the same thing about lying on my WI this week! I snuck a peak last Friday and saw a lower number and was really tempted to use that, but I didn't.

  8. When I was loosing weight I sometimes changed nothing and gained weight only to plateau for 3 weeks..that was the worst. The only thing I can say is not to get discourged. Once you reach your goal weight its is soooo much easier to maintain weight than to lose. I will definitly root for you