Week 37 Bumpdate

(I'm actually 38+ weeks at this point, but forgot to post my 37 week update last week - can't fall off the wagon this late in the game!) 

How Far Along? 37 weeks on Christmas Eve!

Musings on the Weekly Photo: I really just can't believe that this time next year, I'll be holding our baby girl in front of the Christmas tree! Makes all of the aches, pains and complaints so beyond worth it.

Sex: Girl

Maternity Clothes: All day, every day. I'm loving the shirt I'm wearing in the photo - my mom sent it to me as part of my birthday gift, and it's been in constant rotation. I figure if I can't drink champagne at the holidays, I might as well wear a shirt that looks like it has champagne bubbles on it.

Baby's the size of...: A striped skunk, a head of romaine lettuce... basically, large and in charge. She's measuring in around 6 pounds, 19 inches.

Nursery: We have a couple of things to hang on the wall and find a closet organization solution and then we're actually finally TOTALLY finished.

Movement: All the time. CFK has been super active throughout my entire pregnancy, but I'm really feeling the movement a lot more. Maybe because she's running out of space?

Symptoms: I've had the worst cold and let me tell you - coughing fits while 9 months pregnant are NOT fun. Luckily, my doctor told me that I'm welcome to take cold meds (which I had been avoiding because I didn't think they were allowed), so that's offering some relief. I'm just glad that the cold is falling over these long holiday weekends, and not the middle of the work week. Aside from that, still struggling with RLP, heartburn has gotten worse, I'm definitely waddling around... to say I'm over the symptoms would be an understatement! 

Brian: Is handling me well. I think he's starting to realize how miserable I'm feeling (maybe it's the middle of the night tears that did that?) and offers to do whatever he can to help. Unfortunately at this stage in the game, there's not a whole heck of a lot that either of us can do, but it's comforting just to have him there. He's also too cute about being so excited for baby to be here - it makes me look forward to seeing him and our daughter together that much more!

Sleep: Getting worse every night. It's hard to get comfortable and once I do get comfortable, I have to pee, so it's a whole routine start-over of trying to get out of bed, to the bathroom, back into bed, repositioned... I'm definitely winded by the time I do finally settle down. I'm telling you - I've never felt more attractive.

Workouts: Just my squats and lots of stretching. It seems to help the RLP and makes me feel like I'm doing a little bit of something, which... is better than nothing?

Cravings: Buffalo chicken pizza. Cheesecake. Everything bagels with cream cheese. I can't really taste much of anything right now, so there aren't many things that sound good.

Aversions/Dislikes: Can't deal with raw meat, and raw vegetables are not tolerated right now.

Annoyances: This cold and whoever gave it to me.

What I Miss: My waist? All of my shoes. My cheekbones. Wine.

Best Moment This Week: My doctor's appointment! I was a 1/2 cm dilated, which I know isn't much but was still progress! 

Looking Forward To: My check-up next week. Taking Christmas down and getting the house in final prep mode for baby. My parents getting into town. Having one last "We're not parents yet!" date with Brian.

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