Week 38 Bumpdate

How Far Along? 38 weeks, 4 days

Musings on the Weekly Photo: The thought of "Is this my last bump picture?!" is now constantly running through my head!

Sex: A sweet baby girl, our CFK!

Maternity Clothes: I placed an order over the weekend for a few maternity pieces that look comfortable and transition into nursing-friendly tops, so I think that will be good for now. I want to hold off and see how I look/feel post-delivery before buying too many post-baby clothes. But someone will have to pry my beloved maternity yoga pants from my death grip... probably around the time I go back to work in April. 

Baby's the size of...: A winter melon (?)/Pomeranian/a half baking sheet of meringues! At my appointment last Thursday (12/29), my doctor estimated she is measuring around 7 pounds and may be close to 8 by delivery day, which is exciting!

Nursery: Finally, totally, completely FINISHED! I snapped photos this morning but it was still dark outside and the pictures weren't so great. I'll take more tonight and will plan to share them tomorrow! I'm just in love - it's our favorite room in the whole house and is exactly what we pictured for our girl.

Movement: Still constant. I don't know if she's getting stronger and bigger or I'm running out of room (or both!) but I am feeling EVERYTHING and am trying to soak up the last days of watching and feeling her move throughout the day.

Symptoms: Congestion - I'm over my cold but have definitely been fighting the dreaded pregnancy nasal congestion. Carpal tunnel (didn't even know this was a symptom until I told my doctor that my right fingertips were going numb and my hands were falling asleep really easily). Still struggling with the RLP, still only on my right side. Bending over is nearly acrobatic - there's lots of side-leans going on. Tired because I'm not sleeping all that well. Starting to feel light cramps on occasion, but nothing consistent/regular.

Brian: Is so excited for our baby to be here. He tells me constantly how excited he is to be a dad and that makes me fall for him all over again. He's starting to study for a big exam but has still found time to help me with all of the little last minute things that I had on my list - he's been amazing throughout this entire pregnancy.

Sleep: Bad. Real bad. My blood pressure was a little high last Thursday, so the doctor told me to try sleeping on my left side but when I do, it strains the ligaments on my right hip area. So then I rotate (literally like a roasting chicken - I have to pull my butt over by the pajama pants because it hurts too badly to just shift my hips) to my right side, and then I'm laying directly ON my sore hip. It's never-ending and so uncomfortable, to the point where I have started to dread bedtime. Even when I'm beyond exhausted, I struggle to fall and stay asleep. And that's WITHOUT the bathroom trips 2-3 times a night.

Workouts: One walk with Molly and Brian and lots of stretching/squats.

Cravings: Orange juice. Chips Ahoy cookies. Guacamole. Queso. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Egg rolls. 

Aversions/Dislikes: Raw vegetables. We had taco salads on Monday night and I had to force the lettuce and tomato down.

Annoyances: Weird mild weather - I'm ready for it to be cold and stay cold (maybe because I am ALWAYS hot).

What I Miss: Being comfortable.

Best Moment This Week: My doctor's appointment last Thursday! As of then, I was dilated 1cm and 70% effaced, at -1 station. I totally had to Google most of that when I left the office, but it was encouraging to hear that I'm making progress. And as my doctor (who is amazing, the chief of the department, and has been doing this for years) started to leave, she dropped "I'm going to guess that you go at 39 weeks - I don't see you making it to a full 40." So that was very much a "Cue the panic/excitement/how the heck do I plan for my parents to rearrange their flight and get here?!" moment.

Looking Forward To: My next appointment tomorrow! I'm really hoping that I've made more progress. Once I have my parents here, I feel like I'll be much more in an "Okay, it's go time" frame of mind. Because right now that hesitation is definitely there - wanting things to hold off as much as possible so they have plenty of time. My last date night with Brian. And my "me time" that I've scheduled - a haircut and root touch-up, wax, mani/pedi... I figure it will be a little while before I have endless pampering time, so I might  as well make the most of it now!

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